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End of Season Singles Money Tournament Print
Written by Lenny Erickson   
Tuesday, 13 November 2018 15:54

The End of Season Singles Money Tournament will take place this coming Saturday, November 17th.

Signups will be from 3:00 - 3:45 pm at Shenanigans.

The tournament will start as close to 4:00 pm as possible.

The tournament will be divided into a lower and an upper bracket.

Lower bracket will play at Shenanigans and Dolce Vita

Upper bracket will play at Scrooge Pub and Wolfhound

The entry fee will be 10,000 won per player, and a player must have played in at least five separate matches this season to be eligible to play

It will be double elimination, and the first place winner for each bracket will receive a trophy at the end-of-season awards banquet.

The prize money will be as follows for each bracket:

1st Place - 240,000 won

2nd Place - 160,000 won

3rd Place - 120,000 won

4th Place - 80,000 won

Come on out and win that cash!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 November 2018 16:10
End of Season Doubles Trophy Tournament Print
Written by Lenny Erickson   
Saturday, 03 November 2018 19:52

The End of Season Blind Draw Doubles Trophy Tournament will be held this coming Saturday, November 10th.

Signups will be at Fat Alberts from 3:00 - 3:45 pm. The tournament will start as close to 4:00 pm as possible.

The tournament is free, and anyone who has played at least 5 separate matches this season is eligible to play. It will be double elimination, and higher-ranked players will be randomly paired with lower-ranked players.

Torphies will be awarded to the top three teams in the tournament.

As always with doubles tournaments, we require an even number of players. So, if you are the last player to show up, and there is an odd number of players, you will be the odd-player out.

The tournament will be played at Fat Alberts and Catch Me.

We hope to see a large number of you come out to play.

Last Updated on Saturday, 03 November 2018 20:01
Season Review Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Monday, 17 September 2018 21:04

It's about time for a season review after the frivolities of 'Rivals Week'...

Championship A:

This season has been dominated by the unbeaten, yet narcissistic, Team Pogi. You'd never get anyone else in the league naming an inanimate object (can a team even be an inanimate object?) after themselves...apart from the Erickson Cup, The Bob Denny Award, and The John Redmond Goliath Award but apart from that, you'd never see that happen...oh and The Darryl Dawson Rule, the JJ the Tailor Interruption and the Russell John Play-off Gaffe. Okay, I accept it happens sometimes, happy now! Team Porky are being chased down by Angry Birds, who are having a fine season and one of their number is actually slowly morphing into the Red Angry Bird from the game...we'll let you guess who that is! Catch Me If You Can are really poorly named for a team in 3rd, their team name also sounds like like the kind of bad chat-up line you'd hear on a certain hill in Itaewon. Then comes the biggest shocks in the league. The top three from last season are currently occupying 4th, 5th and...sorry, I can't quite see where Wonky's are at the moment...oh, there they are, erm...last. Rats have beaten the Birds twice but have been average otherwise. Strokers have never wanted to finish top but 5th was hardly their target either and Wonky's seem to be suffering a hangover from hell after their Play-off final battering. King Pub have proved the executive committee is always right by maintaining a dignified 6th.

Championship B:

The most remarkable statistic about this division is that Rat Chow (the name stays after last week fellas) are joint top despite having lost 6 matches in a row. They are joined there by Sweet Life!!! How did that happen? Little Sweet Life!!! The plucky underdog and perennial winner of the Sportsmanship Award...I guess it helps using a couple of 1800 players in this league, eh? Vagabonds and The Pain have won the most matches in the division but find themselves in 3rd and 4th respectively. The Troublemakers have found their level after last year's crying, begging and bribing while Jumping Jacks finally decided to elect a captain in the 7th week of the season. The UN was called in to observe the process and to make sure the election of Mark Jones was democratic and fair. The other astonishing thing about this league is that Fireballs decided to put down their pints long enough to start winning some matches...three in a row!!! This team has had the same philosophy for 3 seasons now...drink, drink, drink, lose, drink, drink, lose etc. Dan Suh has embodied the new team ethos by trying to collect as many trophies as he can this season. This leaves our old friends Black Hole staring into the abyss (Black Hole and abyss, geddit!!!, I don't know why I bother sometimes).

Championship C:

Now I know I said Rat Chow leading B was impressive after 6 straight losses...and I know I said Fireballs winning matches was a shock but nothing could have prepared the league for what has happened in C League....Something truly remarkable occurred here, something rarer than a congratulatory tweet from Donald Trump to Colin Kaepernick,...Phillies Pheasants were leading this division after 3 rounds of matches!!!!! Please bask in that glory boys and girl. It's since changed but they are not propping up the rest, that honour goes to the Cats. Howlers are leading the division and have been smooth minus a brush with the Rats. Scandal are second with a game in hand and seem to be using the tragedy of last season to propel them to glory. Frigates are 3rd, which is a minor shock ahead of last season's play-off winners, Funny Shot. King Pub Pisspot and C*%& Tips (their name had to be more offensive this time after crying off "Rivals Week' last Wednesday) complete the division. The other interesting thing to note about this division is the Championship A quality players carefully hiding in the swampy marsh of C Division...Chang Bae, Kiwi, Sheery, In Soo...have you no respect??? :)

I hope you enjoyed 'Rivals Week' last week, well apart from Wonky's. I would like to thank Rickie Ball for organising the schedule so this was possible. We'll hopefully do it every season from now on as long as Scandal are happy to play with themselves on that week ;)

Finally, it has come to our attention that our esteemed leader has been formally asked (can you formally ask something on FaceBook?) to step aside as he is no longer fit for office. Strange how the IPL mirrors global politics sometimes! He is considering this for the good of the league. He may well make way for a younger candidate, a candidate with longer hair and a candidate who can unite the league again by choosing a running mate who has no hair and a limp ;)

Enjoy the rest of the season and have fun!

Last Updated on Monday, 17 September 2018 22:18
Mid-season Doubles Money Tournament Print
Written by Lenny Erickson   
Monday, 03 September 2018 20:39

The Mid-season Blind Draw Money Doubles Tournament will be held on Saturday, September 8th

Signups will be from 3:00 - 3:45 pm at Phillies. The tournament will start as close to 4 pm as possible.

This is a money tournament, so entrants must pay 10,000 won. It is open to any league member who has played at least 3 matches (3 separate weeks) this season.

Teams will be determined by a blind draw, with one player being higher-ranked, and one player being lower-ranked. It will be a double-elimination tournament, and we will be playing Scotch doubles.

The top four teams will share the following prize money:

1st place team - 240,000 won (and trophies)

2nd place team - 180,000 won

3rd place team - 120,000 won

4th place team - 80,000 won

Venues: Phillies and The Hidden Cellar

We hope to have a great turn out!

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