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IPL Big Weekend Print
Written by Ronan Spillane   
Wednesday, 24 August 2016 12:36

Saturday 27th August: Mid-Season Singles Trophy Tournament.

Venues: JJ's, King Pub, JR Pub & Sin Bin

Sign Up: From 3-3:45pm in JJ's

Start: Play will begin at 4pm

Rules: Open and free of charge to anyone who has competed in 3 separate matches this season. Brackets will be split into Upper and Lower categories based on the rankings of those who compete that day. It will be a double elimination event.Players will gain or lose ranking points depending on their performance.

Please spread the word among your teams and I hope to see many of you there on Saturday.

Sunday 28th August: Mid-Season Captains' Meeting

Venue: Phillie's

Time: 5pm

Please contact members of the executive committee by Friday 26th August if you have any issues you feel should be raised at the meeting. All teams who send a representative will get a bonus point for their team.

There are some issues to be discussed/ voted on including home advantage in play-offs and scheduling difficulties.

We strongly encourage every team to be represented at the meeting.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 24 August 2016 12:56
Early Season Review Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Saturday, 30 July 2016 09:56

The IPL 2016 Summer/Fall Season is now well under way and we have already completed a fifth of the regular season and some early, and worrying, trends seem to be developing...

Championship A seems to be splitting off into two separate divisions - let's call them the haves and the have nots - Boomtown Rats have set a cracking pace before being brought down to earth by the Wonky Triangles who were in turn destroyed the previous week by the rather aptly named Dark Horses. The Dark Horses also have some interestingly styled nicknames that seem vaguely reminiscient of old Estyle, although there is no truth in the rumour that Mark Barnes et al are planning to sue on plagiarism grounds. Lurking in the shadows are the Smokin' Aces who have a game in hand to play against the team everyone seems to spell incorrectly on their score sheets, namely the Dic-Taters (Not Dick-Taters or Dick-Tasters). The Angry Birds fresh from winning the Ratings League last season now find themselves bottom of that league this time around - I have heard on the grapevine they are planning to change their name to Dolce Vita Pokemon Go in order to kick start their season. Shenanigans and Misfits make up the top division and both have complained about right right to be in such esteemed company but they did produce one of the best games of the season so far when playing each other.

Championship B is where all the serious action is to be found as long as you don't count the fact that zzzzzzzzzZZyzx are, rather boringly, running away with it. Green Light are proving to be the most dogged of fighters so far winning every game they have played 8-7 while Tomato seem determined to follow their play-off strategy of making every match as close as possible too, although they slipped up this week by actually winning 9-6 - must try harder fellas. The Pain, King Pub and Scandal have also played in a number of close matches - South East Asian betting firms are suspected and bribery claims are being looked into as the league takes this sort of thing very seriously. Of course the biggest scandal (Not Fat Albert's this time) was the false start that was 3 Alley Seoul. A spokesperson from the now defunct franchise (Rod Veltman - always quote your source) has assured 3 Alley fans that this is a one season only prospect and the boys will return next season after their liver transplants. JR Pub the Fire have kindly stepped into the breach, 'Doo Mann' changing his name and captaining to celebrate their backdoor entrance into the season.

Championship C was off to a messy start and the executive committee had to assure many teams that the rumour was true - Phillies have two teams and yes, they have a new table. Frigates have been a welcome addition to the league and have surely the most wonderfully named captain ever to grace the league, Ama Baer. Jumie's Runners seem determined to escape the division this time around and are clearly enjoying life at Scrooge Pub. Sweet Life are as charming as ever, even agreeing to a postponement just 30 seconds before play was due to start. The big surprise is that Super Power haven't really flexed their muscles yet and may not win the division. Free Shots have told me that if you say their name they will provide every team with obligatory 'Free Shots'. Pheasants are proving to be the strongest team in the league by propping up the rest and providing a second home to Ballistics this season.

On top of all that, there is a weekly tournament up and running at JR BBQ every Tuesday from 7:30pm - Sign Ups are from 6:15-7:15pm and it costs 10,000won to enter. They have been fiercely competitive so far so get yourself along there for a feast of top pool playing.

Enjoy the competition everyone :)

Last Updated on Saturday, 30 July 2016 18:35
Housekeeping: Important Notices Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Sunday, 17 July 2016 21:32

An update on the current season with regards to set up, team fees, formats and changes to the original planned schedule.

Firstly thanks to all teams for their patience and understanding with regards to schedule this season. It was a difficult start to the league season but I'm sure the most important thing is we are back playing pool again.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: 3 Alley Seoul withdraw

Championship B has had an early withdrawal, the legendary 3 Alley Seoul is no more. We have worked hard and have found a team to replace them. JR Pub the Fire will join the league from Wednesday in Championship B. They will follow 3 Alley Seoul's original schedule and unfortunately that does cause a few clashes. This Wednesday's fixture at home to King Pub Seoul will now be played at King Pub. There are clashes in week 11 and 19 but I will advise the 2 teams (Fat Albert's Scandal and JR BBQ Smokin' Aces) it affects ahead of those matches.


All team fees should be paid by this Wednesday, July 20th. I will be messaging reminders to captains whose teams have outstanding debts and advising them on the best way to swell the coffers of the IPL.


Saturday, August 27th - Mid-season singles trophy tournament

Sunday, August 28th - Mid-season captains' meeting

Saturday, September 3rd - Mid-season doubles money tournament

Wednesday, September 14th - Chuseok Holiday - no games

Saturday, November 12th - End-of-season doubles trophy tournament

Saturday, November 19th - End-of-season singles money tournament

Wednesday, November 23rd - Last game of the regular season

Sunday, November 27th, Wednesday, November 30th, Sunday December 4th, Wednesday, December 7th - Playoffs

Friday, December 16th - End-of-season banquet

Last Updated on Sunday, 17 July 2016 21:53
New Season - First Week Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Tuesday, 05 July 2016 14:46

Welcome to the IPL Summer/Fall 2016 Season

Firstly, apologies for the delay in getting a schedule together. As some will know, it has been a very trying time putting a program together and trying to accommodate all the caveats and stipulations we have created for ourselves over the years. The perfect schedule has proved to be impossible but we do have a solution which will keep most teams satisfied. We appeal for your understanding and patience as we are not computers and most of this was done by hand. I will go around the stadiums on Wednesday night and explain the problems in full and try to placate teams who have issues.

The most important thing to remember is that we have some pool to play. That being said, the first week's fixtures are as follows:

JR BBQ Smokin'Aces @ JR BBQ Dark Horses

Shenanigans @ Dolce Vita Angry Birds

Bull & Barrel Misfits @ Shenanigans Boomtown Rats

Sin Bin Dic-Taters @ Scrooge Pub Wonky Triangles

3 Alley Seoul @ JJ's Zzyzx

JJ's The Pain @ Sin Bin Tomato

Fat Albert's Scandal @Bulldog FUTA

Bulldog Super Power @ Phillie's Frigates

Phillie's Pheasants @ Bull & Barrel Ballistics

Dolce Vita Sweet Life @ JR Pub Troyjans

Scrooge Pub Runners @ King Pub Seoul

Many thanks to Bernard for his tireless work in helping us get ready for this season.

Good luck to all, play hard and enjoy the craic.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 July 2016 15:01
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