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Charity Tournament and Season Review Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Monday, 02 October 2017 20:06

Most of you, I'm sure, will be missing your weekly visit to the bars of Itaewon over the Chuseok period. Fear not, this coming Sunday will see Scrooge Pub host a pool tournament to raise money for victims of the recent Mexican Earthquake. I have a friend whose region was very badly hit and through her I have been given a worthy charity to support. Money raised by the tournament will help volunteers educate children whose school was destroyed by the quake. While volunteers help the children, the parents will help reconstruct the school. If you'd like attend or make a contribution please come and find me at Scrooge on Sunday or next Wednesday at Shenanigans and Sin Bin. There will hopefully be a small raffle on Sunday, and entry fee, a buy back in fee and a Calcutta draw. There will of course be prizes for the winners but the main aim of the event is to have fun and raise some money.

When: Sunday 8th October

Time: 4:00pm sign ups in Scrooge

Entry: Open to all and 10,000won fee + 5,000won buy back in.

Bars: Scrooge and Dolce Vita

This event has nothing to do with the pool league and as such all players (league members or not) are welcome to participate. Many thanks to Kelly, SK, Jim and YJ for their kind support.

I think it is also about time we had a review of the season so far, don't you? Here we go then...

Championship A:

The defending champions, Pinoy/Korean Mafia (now we have cute little flags, we know where you're really from!) currently lead the way from The Rats (who have a game in hand) with the Super Soakers (sounds like a water pistol to me!) a little off the pace in 3rd. Pinoy took a while to get going this season but have steadily moved through the gears after a 15-0 win in week 4. The Dirty Rats (that's what Wonky's think anyway!) have been impressive aside from a sleepy start against the Triangles. The SS (Super Strokers, not the paramilitary wing of Adolf's party...this SS's weapon of choice is a pool cue) have been on the slide in recent weeks. Wonky's started the season exceptionally well and got into the 'winning every week but not destroying teams' habit of last season until they went and won 15-0 then lost 4-11. The 11-4 loss to Super Power was hard to explain until the rest of the league woke up to the fact that it was caused by a celebrity player. Ladies and gentlemen, we have Jerry Seinfeld in the league! Shhh though, he spelled his name wrongly, so it may not be the real Jerry (I wonder who it could be?). Three new additions have certainly made Super Power a lot more dangerous and Angry Birds have been improving too which leaves Marvelous...who should really be called Mediocre by now, bringing up the rear.

Championship B:

This is all about King Pub Seoul, the winningest team of the season so far (along with the Championship C leaders) . Not looking especially dangerous on paper but lethal on baize, this team has already beaten 2 Championship A sides, including the Super Chokers. JJ's the Pain have won 5 matches in a row 8-7, so that is the bar to head to for excitement. The only other team to follow in this division at the moment is B & B Bells Boyz which sounds like a K-Pop rap group but is in fact a middle aged collection of IPL regulars who honesty believe adding a 'z' to boy makes them sound 'down with the kids'. Rat Killers are living on their one night of glory from last season and Black Hole have been competitive until the last few weeks. Shit You, I still can't spell that, are there too and Bomba...oh dear...the least said about them the better.

Championship C:

All hail JJ's, the only unbeaten team in the entire league, quite some achievement after 11 weeks of the season. Also, in this league we have the anti-JJ's in Phillie's Pheasants, they only team yet to register a legitimate win (for all those that have complained about byes...without them, Pheasants would be very sad and suicidal). The chasing pack is heading by two Dolce Vita teams. The Sweet Life seem to be forever in second and Drool in Pool (quite simply a horrible name; Russell, go and speak to Lon on how to be 'down with the kids'). Frigates are fine until they meet a Championship A side...0-15 and 0-15...simply sorry! Ballisticks, Cue Tips and Scandal are locked in their own little battle over who will finish closest to won't be that close though, in all honesty.

Last Updated on Monday, 02 October 2017 21:34
Mid-season Double Elimination Blind Draw Doubles Money Tournament - Captains' Meeting Print
Written by Lenny Erickson   
Monday, 18 September 2017 21:24

Mid-season Double Tournament

The Mid-season blind draw double money tournament will be held Saturday, September 23rd.

The tournament will be held at The Hidden Cellar and Phillie's.

Signups will be at The Hidden Cellar from 3:00-3:45. The tournament will begin as close to 4:00 as possible. Please don't come after 4:00 and beg us to let you play. We won't.

It will be a blind-draw, double-elimination scotch doubles tournament, with high-ranking players being teamed with lower-ranking players.

Entry fee is 10,000 won per player. Players must have played in at least three matches this season to qualify for the tournament.

The tournament will count toward player ratings. There will be trophies awarded at the end of the season to the first-place pair, plus a cash payout as follows:

First place team - 200,000 won

Second place team - 140,000 won

Third place team - 100,000 won

Fourth place team - 60,000 won

As was mentioned in the Organizational Meeting, only the top 4 teams will get payouts.

I hope to see a good turnout!

Mid-season Captains' Meeting

The following day, Sunday, September 24th, will be the mid-season captains' meeting.

The meeting will be held at 5:00 pm at Shenanigans.

Because of the overwhelming popularity of awarding 10 points last season for attending, we shall again be awarding 10 points for attending this season!

We will be voting on two very important issues regarding next season's schedule.

We will be voting first on whether to keep the current Australian-style playoff format, or to go back to a more conventional one-and-done playoff format.

We will then be voting on whether we should eliminate Sunday playoff matches, which would require fewer match weeks in order to fit two seasons into a calendar year. Much to think about!

Make sure your team has a representative at the meeting, and that your representative stays for the whole meeting.

Busy, busy weekend!

Last Updated on Monday, 18 September 2017 21:52
Mid-season Double Elimination Singles Trophy Tournament Print
Written by Lenny Erickson   
Thursday, 07 September 2017 20:31

The Mid-season Singles Trophy Tournament will be held Saturday, September 16th.

It is free to any Itaewon Pool League member who has played at least three matches (3 weeks, not 3 games) this season. Competitors will be divided into two brackets, according to their rankings on the day of the tournament.

The top three finishers of each bracket will be awarded trophies. The tournament will count towards ratings.

Signups will be from 3:00 - 3:45 pm at JJ's, and the tournament will start as close to 4:00 pm as possible.


Lower bracket: JJ's (signups) and JR Pub - Finals at JJ's

Upper bracket: King Pub and Sin Bin - Finals at Sin Bin

We hope to see a lot of you there!

Last Updated on Thursday, 07 September 2017 20:39
Important Dates of the Remainder of the Season Print
Written by Lenny Erickson   
Thursday, 07 September 2017 20:16

We had to make some revisions to the dates for the mid-season tournaments and captains' meeting. So, here are the important dates for the remainder of the season:

Saturday, September 16th - Mid-season Double-elimination Singles Trophy Tournament

Saturday, September 23rd - Mid-season Double-elimination Blind Draw Doubles Money tournament

Sunday, September 24th - Mid-season Captains' Meeting

Saturday, November 11th - End-of-season Double Elimination Blind Draw Doubles Trophy Tournament

Saturday, November 18th - End-of-season Double Elimination Singles Money Tournament

Wednesday, November 22nd - Last regular season matches

Sunday, November 26th; Wednesday, November 29th; Sunday, December 3rd; Wednesday, December 6th - Playoffs

Friday, December 15th - End-of-season Awards Banquet

Last Updated on Thursday, 07 September 2017 20:25
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