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Mid-Season Doubles Money Tournament Results Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Monday, 21 September 2015 09:26

Saturday saw the Mid-Season Blind Draw Doubles Money Tournament. As always it was a great event to organise and take part in. Many thanks to Lenny and Ronan who greatly helped with the running of the festivities. My thanks also go to 3 Alley Seoul and Hollywood for being excellent hosts.

Congratulations to the winning pairing of Jun and Song-yi, who were on fire throughout the tournament and destroyed all those who stood in their way. The full results are as follows:

1st Place: Jun Bongon J (Bulldog Estyle) & Han Song-yi (Bull & Barrel Ballistics)

2nd Place: Matthias Chung (Hollywood Scandal) & Ronan Spillane (Scrooge Pub Wonky Triangles)

3rd Place: Sam Sheer (Bull & Barrel Rising Stars) & Ron Yu (3 Alley Seoul Misfits)

4th Place: Dominic Johnson (Sin Bin Potato) & LJ Hwang (JR BBQ Troyjans)

5th - 8th Places: Ha-hyun Park (Seoul Pub FUTA) & Tom Jones (Bulldog Estyle), Lenny Erickson (Shenanigans Boomtown Rats) & Paul Han (Bulldog Estyle), Jon Bell (3 Alley Seoul Misfits) & Dave Lister (JR BBQ Troyjans) and Willi Honigbaer (Bull & Barrel Ballistics) & Nick Bruneau (Sin Bin Potato)

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Mid-Season Doubles Money Tournament Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Monday, 14 September 2015 08:14

The Mid-Season Blind Draw Doubles Money Tournament (There must be a shorter way of saying that) will take place this Saturday, September 19th in Hollywood and 3 Alley Seoul.

Sign ups will be in Hollywood from 3-3:45pm and play will start at both bars as close to 4pm as possible.

The fee for entering the tournament is 10,000won and any player who has taken part in 3 matches this season can compete. The prizes on offer are as follows:

1st Place Pair: 240,000won + Trophy

2nd Place Pair: 160,000won

3rd Place Pair: 120,000won

4th Place Pair: 80,000won

5th-8th Place Pairs: 40,000won

This tournament will be seeded and a high ranked player will be partnered with a low ranked player to negate the possibility of superhero pairings. Players will gain or lose ranking points depending on their performances.

I hope to see many of you on Saturday.

Mid-Season Singles Trophy Results Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Monday, 14 September 2015 07:57

41 players braved the rapidly cooling temperatures on Saturday for the Mid-Season Singles Trophy Tournament. Many thanks to all those who attended and helped with organisation (especially Ronan, Bernard, Lenny and Russell)

The Upper Bracket was taken by the potting machine otherwise known as Sam Higgins. He saw off a spirited challenge from JJ Kon, who had a superb tournament.

The Lower Bracket was won by the lowest ranked player to join the tournament on Saturday, Andy Chun from Sweet Life. He beat the very useful Carnival Lee in the final and in doing so jumped to the top of the most improved players list.

The full results are as follows:

Upper Bracket:

1st Place: Sam Higgins (Scrooge Pub Wonky Triangles)

2nd Place: JJ Kon (JR Pub The Ace)

3rd Place: Rickie Ball (Shenanigans Boomtown Rats)

Lower Bracket

1st Place: Andy Chun (Dolce Vita Sweet Life)

2nd Place: Carnival Lee (Scrooge Pub Phoenix)

3rd Place: Jun Lee (JR BBQ Trojans)

Thanks to the bars, JR BBQ, Bulldog, Sin Bin and JR Pub for being gracious hosts.

IPL's Big Weekend Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Monday, 07 September 2015 09:59

This weekend is the IPL's big weekend:

Saturday 12th September: Mid-Season Singles Trophy Tournament.

Venues: JR BBQ, Bulldog, JR Pub & Sin Bin

Sign Up: From 3-3:45pm in JR BBQ

Start: Play will begin at 4pm

Rules: Open and free of charge to anyone who has competed in 3 separate matches this season. Brackets will be split into Upper and Lower categories based on the rankings of those who compete that day. It will be a double elimination event. Upper bracket will most likely play at JR Pub and Sin Bin, Lower at JR BBQ and Bulldog. Players will gain or lose ranking points depending on their performance.

Please spread the word amongst your teams and I hope to see many of you there on Saturday.

Sunday 13th September: Mid-Season Captains' Meeting

Venue: Phillie's

Time: From 4pm

Please contact members of the executive committee by Thursday 10th September if you have any issues you feel should be raised at the meeting. All teams who send a representative will get a bonus point for their team.

Phillie's will be doing a Sunday Roast at a reasonable price for those who fancy a decent feed.

Again, I hope see many of you there on Sunday.

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