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Mid Season Singles Tournament Results Print
Written by Lenny Erickson   
Sunday, 06 April 2014 11:24

We had a small but enthusiastic turnout for the Mid Season Singles Trophy Tournament.

There were 35 players, 17 in the lower bracket and 18 in the upper bracket. The cutoff was 1724 for the upper bracket.

You can check the tournament brackets under Season/Tournaments.

The winners for the Upper Bracket were:

1st Place: Johnny Cisneros (VFW)

2nd Place: Paul Riddle (Rising Stars)

3rd Place: Eric Scheusner (Boomtown Rats)

The winners for the Lower Bracket were:

1st Place: Jason Braedon (Laffing Devils)

2nd Place: Ian Alletson (Wonky Triangles)

3rd Place: Sirius Asadli (Estyle)

Trophy's will be awarded at the banquet on June 13th. Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who came out to support the LPL, er..., I mean, the IPL.

A big thanks to Bernard Condrau, Jim Dewey, Jeff Trageser, and Charlie Brennan for helping with the organizing and running of the brackets, and for everyone else who helped the tournament run smoothly.

A big thanks also to Shenanigans, Scrooge Pub, Bulldog and Hollywood for hosting the tournament.

A big thanks to Dolce Vita and Sin Bin for making their bars available if we had needed them. We did not need three bars each bracket, but it is nice to know that they were willing to host the tournament if needed.

Last Updated on Monday, 14 April 2014 02:21
Mid Season Captains' Meeting - Minutes have been posted Print
Written by Lenny Erickson   
Tuesday, 01 April 2014 18:55

The minutes for the mid season captains' meeting have been posted under Information/Meeting Minutes. Check it out to see what the majority of you missed.

Last Updated on Friday, 04 April 2014 22:26
Mid Season Blind Draw Doubles Tournament Results Print
Written by Lenny Erickson   
Saturday, 29 March 2014 22:22

Thanks for everyone who came out for the mid-season blind draw doubles tournament. We had 26 players, so 13 teams.

The winners were:

1st Place (240,000 won) - Sam Higgins (Wonky Triangles) and Johnny Cisneros (VFW)

2nd Place (160,000 won) - Hassan Exel (Flow) and Darryl Dawson (Rackem and Crackem)

3rd Place (120,000 won) - Jeff Vandeweerd (Hollywood Epic) and Lenny Erickson (Boomtown Rats)

4th Place (80,000 won) - Seonghyon Kim (Estyle) and Ronan Spillane (Hollywood Epic)

5th - 8th Place (40,000 won) -

Dominic Johnson (Sin Bin Potato) and Jared Udelhofen (Wonky Triangles

Mark Barnes (Rackem and Crackem) and Tim Long (Sin Bin Potato)

Carolyn Papworth (Angry Birds) and La Risa (Futa)

Charlie Brennan (Wonky Triangles) and Jeff Trageser (Hollywood Scandal)

You can see the whole tournament bracket under Season/Tournaments

A big thanks to the VFW and Phillies for hosting the event.

Thanks also to Jim Dewey, Jeff Trageser, Mark Barnes, Tom Jones, Eric Hess, and all of the others who helped run the brackets and generally make it a fun evening.

Last Updated on Sunday, 30 March 2014 22:39
Mid-season singles tournament Print
Written by Lenny Erickson   
Sunday, 16 March 2014 19:12

Due to schedule conflicts with the dart league, and bar availability issues, the Mid-season singles tournament will be held on Saturday, April 5th.

Signups will be at Shenanigans from 3:00 to 3:45. Tournament will begin as close to 4:00 as possible.

The tournament will be held at Shenanigans, Dolce Vita, Scrooge, Sin Bin, Hollywood, and Bulldog.

This is a trophy only tournament, so it is free to any player who has played at least three matches this season.

The tournament will be divided into two brackets, based on player ratings on the day of the tournament. It will be a double-elimination tournament, and will count against the ratings.

Trophies will be awarded at the end of the season for the first three places in each bracket.

I hope to see a large number of players!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 19 March 2014 14:46
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