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The Playoffs - The Finals Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Wednesday, 07 December 2016 14:49

Tonight sees the culmination of a long and hard fought season with the winner (and losers) doing battle one last time in 2016.

Championship A:

Tonight's final is between JR BBQ and JR BBQ at JR BBQ (possibly?). Since one of the JR BBQ teams has been banned from the venue, it is unclear whether the final will take place or not. The executive committee worked hard to get both teams banned from the final and have the final between Boomtown Rats and Dic-Taters but sadly a last minute appeal went through and it does look as though the Dark Horses will take on the Smokin' Aces after all. On Sunday, the Aces slowly ground out the necessary result against the Rats and the Dark Horses proved too strong for the Taters and in doing so did also proved they have the most girly chant in the league. They 'neigh' at the end of it! We will make them perform it at the banquet. It really is very gay!

Championship B:

The all conquering Zzyzx seem destined to take a second title this calendar year. Standing in their way are the resurgent Bombadeers who took the last 4 frames against 8 Ball land on Sunday. Sadly, 8 Ball Land were too drunk to field a team in the final doubles match-up and simply allowed Sin Bin to gracefully walk into the final. Zzyzx nearly suffered a similar fate fielding only 5 players but they do have Seh Chul, Lancer et al. and saw off Green Light.

Championship C:

The romantic division threw up another shock on Sunday as Free Shots made their way to the final at the expense of Phillie's Frigates. Sam and Maki have coped with the loss of the fine leader that was Ryan and simply taken the team to a new level. They will face Super Power at Bulldog and the final should go to form with the power of the Power but this is a strange division and I have been known to curse teams with my predictions. Sweet Life and Frigates will battle for third place.

The Banquet and New Season:

The banquet will be on Friday, December 16th at the Crown Hotel as usual. More details will be given out after tonight's games. The new season is slated to start on January 18th with the organisational meeting a week before on the 11th of January.

Good luck tonight and thank you for a memorable season.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 07 December 2016 15:13
The Playoffs - Semi-Finals Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Sunday, 04 December 2016 10:45

Today is semi-final day in the IPL Summer/Fall 2016 Season. The match-ups are spectacular, if a little unexpected.

Championship A:

Let's start with the game between two of the heavyweights, Shenanigans Boomtown Rats are playing at JR BBQ Smokin' Aces. Both teams are skippered by men who, all week long, have been gracious, complimentary and honourable toward each other. There is a deep level of respect and love that runs at the very core of this fixture (it's hard to type sarcasm, isn't it). Get yourself along at 4pm. IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, IT STARTS AT 4PM to watch the fireworks. After that the Dic-Taters take on the Dark Horses at the same venue. Sin Bin disposed of the much fancied Angry Birds on Wednesday night with a brilliant comeback from 3-6 down. They have now beaten all the top 4 seeds this season and are a tricky opponent for the not-so-Dark Horses.

Championship B:

Bulldog Green Light are the next Championship B side to try and do something no other team in that division has achieved; namely defeat Zzyzx. They warmed up at JJ's the other night and put pay to the Pain and they do have decent players that could cause an upset, but it would be a massive shock. Bombadeers head to JR Pub 8 Ball Land and on paper this should go to form but if Rod, Jason, Dabu and the boys fire we could see shock.

Championship C:

This is the division for the romantics, the dreamers and the underdogs. On Wednesday, Free Shots stunned Runners, who were serenely sailing through the division until week 18. Then came the ship hit the rocks, 4 defeats later and the Runners are spent. Free Shots now get the chance to head to deepest, darkest Haebangchon to take on the Frigates. On the other side of the draw, Sweet Life's reward for defeating the Runners in Round 1 is a trip to Bulldog Super Power. Jim and the boys can't do it again, can they?

Please also cast a vote in the Bob Denny Sportsmanship Award. The poll closes tonight and we need to stop members of Boomtown Rats and Smokin' Aces voting for each other just so they can win another trophy.

Last Updated on Sunday, 04 December 2016 12:38
Playoffs - Round 2 Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Wednesday, 30 November 2016 16:00

The Summer/Fall playoffs head into the "no second chance" phase. Lose now and you're history, so the pressure is really on.

Championship A:

Angry Birds were crushed by Boomtown Rats on Sunday as once again the Rats seek to prove they don't do doubles - but if they do they'd prefer Scotch. The Birds have to learn to fly again against the Dic-Taters who finally crawled over the line against a resilient Shenanigans. The Smokin' Aces found out being top seed means nothing, especially if you are going to be generous to you sister team. Dark Horses have a Wednesday night off to relax and the only comfort the Aces have is that they do still retain home advantage tonight against the Wonkies. The Triangles overcame a tenacious and spirited Misfits.

Championship B:

This division was only one to go with form, in fact, it was boringly predictable. King Pub did show up to play Zzyzx but you wouldn't have known it by the scoreline. 8 Ball Land disposed of Green Light in fairly comfortable circumstances and The Pain won for the first time in 10 matches against the luckless Scandal. It means King Pub now face Bombadeers and Green Light take on The Pain at JJ's after David was kind enough to switch venues owing to a clash.

Championship C:

Now, if Championship A threw up a surprise, it was nothing compared to the seismic events taking place in this division. Runners turned up for their "supposed" walk in the park against Sweet Life and it proved to be anything but a sweet life for them as they were destroyed 8-4. The other heavily backed team, Super Power, crumbled from 7-2 up to lose 8-7 against the remarkable Frigates in surely one of the results of the season. Ballistics didn't show against the Pheasants and handed them a bye to the next round. Tonight, Free Shots and Pheasants are aiming to continue the upsets against the two big boys (and girls).

Last Updated on Wednesday, 30 November 2016 16:19
The Playoffs - Round 1 Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Sunday, 27 November 2016 08:06

The Itaewon Pool League 2016 Summer/Fall Season playoffs begin in a few hours and there are some very tasty matches in round 1.

Championship A:

There is the appetising prospect of a JR BBQ derby to open proceedings and both regular season matches ended 8-7 in favour of the Smoking' Aces so anyone who likes tension and the possibility of a revenge thriller should head there this evening. The other top 4 clash sees Boomtown Rats head to the high-flying Angry Birds. The Birds have been on a remarkable run, losing just 1 of their last 31 frames. Can Lenny and the gang bring them down to Earth? The other battles see Misfits head to Wonky Triangles as Ronan's team finally get a home playoff for the first time in 6 years and Dic-Taters are seeking to put an end to their Shenanigan curse this season. It should be fun!

Championship B:

Fresh from a 14-1 defeat, King Pub Seoul's next task is to try and stop the Zzyzx juggernaut. There is hope, Zzyzx have lost their last 6 frames in a row, a mere blip or the beginning of the end? 8 Ball Land managed to climb up to second place, very impressive from a team who began 2 weeks behind all the others. They take on the rather dangerous and serial 8-7ers Green Light. Bombadeers have the weekend off to allow their livers to recover and Scandal are seeking to cause more Pain to JJ and extend their losing sequence to 10 matches.

Championship C:

The Runners have simply sailed through the season and should be too good for Sweet Life, although Jim and his troop recovered well from a 15-0 loss to frighten Dark Horses on Wednesday. Super Power were in confident mood on Wednesday and are favourites against Frigates but the Phillie's team has had a decent season and they are fresh from a big derby win on Wednesday night. Free Shots are putting their feet up and Ballistics take on the luckless Pheasants in the division's only true eliminator.

Good luck to all teams.

Bob Denny Sportsmanship Award:

Voting is now open for the Bob Denny Sportsmanship Award and I would like to encourage all with a login to make an effort for 10 seconds and cast a vote. Simply just vote for the team who, in your opinion, embodied the true ethos of the league.

Singles Tournaments:

Many thanks to all those who helped out the in running of our money singles tournament last weekend. Lenny, Ronan, Jumie, Nick Bruneau, David and Russell - your support was much needed and appreciated. Thanks also to the bars who provided first class hospitality. As for the results, Jun Bongon took the Upper Bracket in a closely fought final with Sam Sheer. There was controversy as Jun was observed trying to bribe a match official to award him extra 8 ball run pins but he fully deserved the title. Darryl Dawson continued a remarkable personal season by claiming third. In the Lower Bracket, Mike Ohr produced some tremendous potting to see off the very dangerous Han Song Yi. Mikey Chang took a gallant third place. Well done to all, especially Matt West, who suffered over an hour of abuse at the tournament from someone who shall remain nameless :)

Last Updated on Sunday, 27 November 2016 15:12
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