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Important 3 Alley Pub News Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Tuesday, 31 March 2015 08:25

3 Alley Pub are currently homeless. They have changed their name appropriately to 'No Bar Nomads'. This week they will play their home game against Seoul Pub FUTA at King Bar. They have assured the league that they will complete their fixtures this season even if it means playing in someone's living room. Their captain, Mick, will be in touch with other team captains regarding the forthcoming home fixtures. 

This will affect Bulldog Rackem & Crackem, Dolce Vita Angry Birds, Friend's The Pain and Bulldog Miss Q in the coming weeks. Please help them out by informing your players after Mick has made arrangements.

There is only one thing of which we can be certain...the old 'Wild Hogs' will never die.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 31 March 2015 08:37
Mid-Season Doubles Results Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Sunday, 29 March 2015 13:21

34 players bravely made their way to Haebongchon for the mid-season doubles tournament this weekend. The competition had everything, a spot of controversy, shocking missed blacks, a constant flow of alcohol, good camaraderie and a winning shot by Maki that will live long in the memory.

Congratulations to all the winners. Money was paid to those who finished in the top 8. The results are as follows: 

1st Place: Bill Newhouse & Maki Dejamak (Bulldog Rackem and Crackem & Seoul Pub Breakers)

2nd Place: Lenny Erickson & Dave Lister (Shenanigan's Boomtown Rats & Friend's The Pain)

3rd Place: Darryl Dawson & LJ Hwang ( Bulldog Rackem and Crackem & JR BBQ)

4th Place: Johnny Cisneros & Kwang Woo Na (Bull & Barrel Rising Stars & Dillinger's)

5th - 8th Place Jim McParlin & Tom Jones (Sin Bin Potato & Bulldog Rackem and Crackem), Sam Higgins & Ed Morales (Scrooge Pub Wonky Triangles & Bulldog Rackem and Crackem), Woojae Kim and Han SongYi (Bull & Barrel Rising Stars & Friend's The Pain) and Dominic Johnson & Johnny Magyaros (Sin Bin Potato & Bulldog Rackem and Crackem)

Thanks to VFW & Phillie's for hosting the event, Jeff, Lenny, Jim and Ronan for helping the event run smoothly and finally to Ron who made a lovely speech about sportsmanship and the ideals that this league aims to achieve.

Mid-Season Blind Draw Doubles Tournament Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Monday, 23 March 2015 21:25

The mid-season blind draw doubles tournament will be held this Saturday, March 28th from 4pm at VFW and Phillie's in Haebongchon.

Sign ups will be in VFW from 3-3:45pm in VFW.

There is an entry fee for this tournament. You'll have to hand over 10,000won of your hard  as well having played in at least 3 matches in the IPL this season in order to compete.

That said, we will be offering lavish prizes for this competition and the loot is as follows

1st Place Pair: 240,000won

2nd Place Pair: 160,000won

3rd Place Pair: 120,000won

4th Place Pair: 80,000won

5th-8th Placed Pairs: 40,000won

Please be aware that this tournament will be seeded and a player from a potential upper bracket will be paired with a player from a potential lower bracket. This was agreed on at this season's organisational meeting and was designed to eliminate the possibility of potential superhero pairings.

I hope to see many of you there.

Last Updated on Monday, 23 March 2015 21:44
Mid-Season Singles Tournament Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Monday, 23 March 2015 09:05

The mid-season singles trophy tournament was held last Saturday. The Upper Bracket was played at Scrooge Pub and JR BBQ, and the Lower Bracket was played at Bull & Barrel and Dillinger's. There were 51 players in total with 26 in the Upper Bracket and 25 in the Lower Bracket with the split at 1669.

Here are the results:

Upper Bracket:

1st Place: Jeong Yong Shim (Shenanigan's Boomtown Rats)

2nd Place: Lenny Erickson (Shenanigan's Boomtown Rats)

3rd Place: Charlie "Chiang Mai" Brennan (Scrooge Pub Wonky Triangles)

Lower Bracket:

1st Place: Lon "da' Commander WHO" Garwood (VFW Canteen Misfits)

2nd Place: Maki "bacardi girl" Dejamak (Seoul Pub Breakers)

3rd Place: Jose "JC" Cepeda (Bulldog Rackem and Crackem)

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks all those who helped the league out on Saturday. Special thanks to Bernard, Lenny, Jeff, Ronan and Mark for keeping an eye on the brackets and helping on the organisational side of things. A big thank you to Seoul Pub Breakers who virtually brought along their whole team, it was a great effort.

Last Updated on Monday, 23 March 2015 09:23
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