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Important Dates Coming Up Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Friday, 28 August 2015 09:13

We are rapidly approaching the midway point in the season and it's important for us to let you know some of the key dates coming up in the calendar regarding tournaments and meetings:

Saturday 12th September: Mid-Season Singles Trophy Tournament

This will be held at JR BBQ, JR Pub, Sin Bin and Bulldog. Sign ups will be at JR BBQ from 3pm and play will begin at 4pm. Entry to the tournament will be free to any player who has competed in three separate matches this season. We will have an Upper Bracket and a Lower Bracket based on the rankings of those who compete. You can also gain or lose ranking points depending on your performance.

Sunday 13th September: Mid-Season Captains' Meeting

The venue has yet to be decided but it will take place at 4pm. If you have any issues you feel should be raised please contact a member of the committee or post on the forum. All teams who send a representative will receive a bonus point in the league.

Saturday 19th September: Mid-Season Doubles Money Tournament

This will be held at Hollywood and 3 Alley Seoul. Sign ups will be in Hollywood from 3pm and play will start at 4pm. Entry to the tournament will cost 10,000won for players who have competed in three separate matches this season. We will partner a highly ranked player with a lower ranked player based on the rankings of the players who compete that day. You can gain or lose ranking points depending on your performance.

More details will be posted on these events in the coming weeks.

Last Updated on Friday, 28 August 2015 09:37
Website server Print
Written by Bernard Condrau   
Monday, 10 August 2015 16:19

Our website is hosted on a Linux server here in Korea. The previous server OS version was released in April 2010, and security updates are not available anymore, which triggered the need to update to a current server OS platform. My plan to upgrade the server without a clean reinstall did not work, that's why it took me until now to get the site online again. The site runs now on Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS server edition, which will be supported until April 2019.

Please let me know if you experience any differences or difficulties in using the site. Thanks.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 August 2015 23:35
David 'Dabu' Kavanagh Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Monday, 20 July 2015 18:19

Dabu Kavanagh, one of the stalwarts of the IPL, suffered complete heart failure after working out at a gym in his native Canada. He had the good fortune to be treated very quickly at the scene by a physician and was resuscitated and rushed to hospital. He is currently in recovery and is in good spirits. 

The full extent of the treatment he needs, the damage that has been done and how long he'll need to get back to full health are currently unknown. He will have some important tests carried out this week in Newfoundland, the results of which should give us a clearer understanding of his condition.

Sin Bin will be hosting a benefit for him on Saturday night (July25th) with drinks specials and a dart tournament. There will be an open envelope and cards for you to make any contributions you see fit and deliver any messages you wish to convey. 

Sin Bin will also host a pool tournament this Sunday. Exact details are still unclear but I'll make sure everyone knows by Wednesday. We'll have a Calcutta, a raffle and an entry fee to raise some more for one of the IPL originals.


The pool tournament will be held this Sunday (July 26th) at Sin Bin. There will be a 10,000won entry fee. It will be double elimination (If we ge a large crowd, we'll look to use other bars as well) but there will be a fee to buy back in. We will run a Calcutta, a raffle, and fine jar for ridiculous shots and fouls. 

Sign up will be from 2:00-2:30pm and play will start as close to 3pm as possible.

Please contact Jason at Sin Bin for updates on Dabu's condition. 

I know many of us will have Dabu in our thoughts and prayers over the coming weeks.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 21 July 2015 10:06
Summer/Fall 2015 Season Schedule Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Saturday, 11 July 2015 17:04

The new season's schedule has just been formulated and will be posted online shortly.

This year's schedule has proved very difficult to generate. We are down to 24 teams and 10 bars across Itaewon are hosting 2 teams. It proved impossible for us to generate a schedule whereby we can play 20 different teams across the season. The executive committee took the decision to play teams home and away in each division (in other words you will play 5 teams twice in one season) and then a further 10 randomly generated matches. We made this decision as we feel most teams would want to play as many matches as possible in a season and also it would provide more revenue for the bars who support us throughout the year. Mike Osenton, who generates our schedule every year, has posted a message in the forum explaining the difficulties and clarifying why we needed to implement this change to our regular setup.

The first week of matches are as follows:

3 Alley Seoul Misfits @ Sin Bin Tomato

Bull & Barrel Rising Stars @ Seoul Pub Futa

Bulldog Estyle @ Bull & Barrel Ballistics

Dolce Vita Sweet Life @ Dolce Vita Angry Birds

Friend's the Pain @ Scrooge Pub Phoenix

Hollywood Al Korea @ Shenanigans

JR BBQ Source @ 3 Alley Seoul

JR Pub The Ace @ JR BBQ Breakers

King Bar @ JR Pub The Victory

Scrooge Pub Wonky Triangles @ Bulldog Miss.Q

Shenanigans Boomtown Rats @ Hollywood Scandal

Sin Bin Potato @ Phillie's Pheasants

I hope you understand and feel we made the decision in the best interests of the league.

Last Updated on Saturday, 11 July 2015 19:55
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