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End of Season Details Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Saturday, 28 May 2016 21:40

It's end of season time and the league official(s) will be making their way around the battle grounds on Wednesday night with details about the playoffs, the banquet, awards and end-of-season tournaments. Before we do that, here is a brief precis of the delights coming your way in the next month:

Playoffs will begin next weekend. June 5th is the designated day for the first round of the playoffs but teams might have to be a little flexible given that there will almost certainly be clashes of venue and the fact that it is a holiday weekend. Matches can take place on Monday 6th June (Memorial Day) if teams are willing.

The 'End of Season Doubles Trophy Tournament' will take place next Saturday June 4th at Bulldog and JR BBQ. Sign-ups will be in Bulldog from 3pm. Any player who has competed in 5 separate matches this season is eligible to enter the contest. Pairs will be drawn at random and an upper bracket player will be paired with a lower bracket player to avoid superhero partnerships.

The 'End of Season Singles Money Tournament' will take place on June 11th at Dolce Vita, Scrooge Pub, Shenanigans and Fat Albert's. Sign-ups will be in Shenanigans at 3pm and once again players who have competed in 5 separate matches this season are allowed to compete once they have parted with 10,000won of their hard earned cash. Full details of that tournament will be posted next week.

The Winter/Spring 2016 IPL Banquet will take place at the Crown Hotel from 7pm on Friday June 24th. We will be awarding trophies, reviewing the new style season and providing quality food and beverages all for your enjoyment.

One of the finest players to have graced the league in recent seasons, Paul Riddle, has become a Seybert's representative. He is now able to provide quality pool equipment to you at around cost price. He will be bringing some of his toys to the banquet for a short presentation and you can also contact him directly if you are interested in any of the products in the Seybert's range.

Last Updated on Saturday, 28 May 2016 22:04
Mid-Season Singles Results Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Monday, 04 April 2016 16:29

Many thanks to all those who played in the Mid-Season Singles Tournament and/or attended the Captains' Meeting this past weekend.

Special thanks to Bernard for his computer wizardry, Ronan for helping organise the Lower Bracket, Russell and Sam for keeping me updated and Lenny for being my stand in secretary on Sunday. Many thanks to the 5 bars who graciously welcomed us over the weekend. Sin Bin, 3 Alley Seoul, JJ's and JR Pub were very obliging hosts on Saturday and King Pub provided a very relaxing venue on Sunday.

As for the tournaments themselves the Upper Bracket was won by some lucky bugger who complained about being sick in order to evoke sympathy from his opponents. To be fair he did play well in patches but did get the rub of the green against the excellent Jang Joon Min and the new exciting talent of Bong Bong. The Lower Bracket was particularly tough this time round with a few 8 ball runs recorded. The brilliant Ahmed Kahn defeated the dogged and determined David Zoo in the final after David had earlier eliminated the fantastic new Potato signing, Andrew Kinlan.

Upper Bracket:

1st Place: Dominic Johnson (Sin Bin Potato)

2nd Place: Bong Bong (Scrooge Pub Phoenix)

3rd Place: Jang Joon Min (Scrooge Pub Phoenix)

Lower Bracket:

1st Place: Ahmed Khan (JR Pub All Stars)

2nd Place: David Zoo (Sin Bin Tomato)

3rd Place: Andrew Kinlan (Sin Bin Potato)

Last Updated on Monday, 04 April 2016 16:47
Mid-Season Singles and Captains' Meeting Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Monday, 28 March 2016 21:32

This Saturday, April 2nd, sees us play out the traditional Mid-Season Singles Trophy Tournament. The tournament will be split into upper and lower brackets. Any player who has competed in three separate matches this season can play free of charge. Trophies will be presented to the top three players in each bracket.

Date: April 2nd

Bars: Sin Bin, 3Alley Seoul, JR Pub & JJ's

Sign-ups: In JJ's from 3:00-3:45pm.

Play: From 4pm across the 4 bars.

The mid-season captains' meeting will also take place this weekend. It will be on Sunday, April 3rd, at the rather lovely, and very new King Pub at 4:30pm. It would be nice if all the captains can join us or send a representative for your team along to debate the issues in the IPL.

Last Saturday saw the Mid-Season Doubles Money Tournament take place in Upper Deck and Bull & Barrel. 38 players took up the challenge, the biggest of which was the distance between the two bars, but a good time was had by all at this most friendly of tournaments. Play finished close to midnight and the doubles queen herself, Maki Dejamak, and the resurgent Duncan Smyth took the title on the final blackball from the Phoenix dream team of Bong Bong and Sonya Ryu. Many thanks to all those who helped me in running the tournament especially Ronan, Lenny, Russell, David Zoo, Mark Barnes and Jim McParlin(for not losing the money). Thanks also to the Upper Deck and Bull & Barrel for being the warmest and most welcome of hosts.

1st Place: Maki Dejamak (JR Pub Troyjans) & Duncan Smyth (Sin Bin Potato)

2nd Place: Bong Bong & Sonya Ryu (Scrooge Pub Phoenix)

3rd Place: Lenny Erickson (Shenanigans Boomtown Rats) & Carnival Lee (Scrooge Pub Phoenix)

Last Updated on Monday, 04 April 2016 16:29
Mid-Season Doubles Money Tournament Print
Written by Dominic Johnson   
Tuesday, 22 March 2016 16:47

The Mid-Season Blind Draw Doubles Tournament will take place this Saturday (March 26th) at Upper Deck and Bull & Barrel.

Sign-ups will be in Upper Deck from 3:00-3:45pm and play will start at both bars as close to 4:00pm as possible.

The fee for competing in the tournament is 10,000won and any player who has played 3 separate weeks of this season is eligible to enter. The prizes on offer are as follows:

1st Place: 200,000won + Trophy

2nd Place: 140,000won

3rd Place: 100,000won

4th Place: 60,000won

5th-8th Places: 20,000won

The tournament will be seeded and a highly ranked player will be partnered with a lower ranked player to negate the possibility of superhero pairings. Players will gain or lose ranking points depending on their performance in the event.

It's a great chance to meet new people, socialise (drink beer) and take home a bit of cash. I hope to see many of you there.

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