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Schedule for Winter/Spring 2018 Season
Week / Date:

Away teamHome team
JR Pub Pinoy MafiaatBulldog Super Strokers
King Pub SeoulatShenanigans Boomtown Rats
Scrooge Pub Wonky TrianglesatKing Pub Super Power
Shenanigans Rat ChowatCatch Me BBlazing Bulls
Bulldog FireballsatJR Pub Black Hole
Dolce Vita Sweet LifeatJJ's The Pain
JJ's Jumping JacksatWolfhound Kozels
Phillies PheasantsatDolce Vita Money Shot
Upper Deck Double DeckersatFat Alberts Scandal
Catch Me BBlazing BarrelsatThe Hidden Cellar Cue Tips
Phillies FrigatesatScrooge Pub Angry Birds
The Hidden Cellar Troublemakers have a Bye

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    Re:Lost Cue (8 Hours Ago)
    I love a story with a happy ending!

    Re:Lost Cue (8 Hours Ago)
    I found the owner.

    Lost Cue (Yesterday)
    Apparently, I put the wrong cue in my case after the tournament. I ope...

    Bull and barrel (29 Days Ago)
    Kashifhope you guys are alright.terrible news last night about the bar

    Re:Match Change Idea (30 Days Ago)
    In chess (which is the basis for the rating system we have) you are su...

    Re:Match Change Idea (Wednesday, 21 February 2018)
    Brandon, as nuanced as your defence of the existing system already is,...


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