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Schedule for Winter / Spring 2015 SeasonP
Week / Date:

Away teamHome team
King BaratBull and Barrel Rising Stars
Phillie's PheasantsatBulldog Rackem and Crackem
3 Alley Pub No Bar NomadsatJR BBQ II
Seoul Pub FUTAatDillingers Exel
Bull and Barrel Chicken LipsatDolce Vita Angry Birds
Hollywood ScandalatPhillie's Ferrets
Sin Bin TomatoatScrooge Pub Wonky Triangles
Scrooge Pub PhoenixatBulldog Lounge
Dolce Vita Sweet LifeatSeoul Pub Breakers
JR BBQatShenanigans Boomtown Rats
Bulldog Miss. QatFriend's The Pain
V.F.W. Canteen Lost CauseatSin Bin Potato
ShenanigansatV.F.W. Canteen Misfits

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