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Schedule for Winter / Spring 2017 SeasonP
Week / Date:

Away teamHome team
Shenanigans Boomtown RatsatWolfhound Dark Horses
King Pub SeoulatBulldog Super Power
Bull and Barrel MisfitsatJJ's The Pain
Phillie's PheasantsatDolce Vita Sweet Life
Fat Alberts ScandalatShenanigans
Dolce Vita Blame the CueatSin Bin Strokers
JR Pub Black HoleatScrooge Pub Wonky Dics
Sin Bin BombadeersatJR Pub Pinoy Mafia
Scrooge Pub MarvelousatKing Pub The King
JJ'satPhillie's Frigates
Wolfhound KozelsatBull and Barrel Ballisticks

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