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TeamAvg Rating PlayedAvg Rating TeamHighest Rated PlayerLowest Rated PlayerTotalGamesMatchesBonus
Team List
1Bulldog Super Strokers1833.521781.2018801600898270
2Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1734.311745.2918791556726750
4King Pub Super Hustlers1718.801736.2720961503666150
5JJ's Angry Birds1721.931718.6018341541625930
6Dolce Vita Sweet Life1638.141610.0018521503545220
7Fat Alberts Scandal1593.241596.5417001381535120
8Scrooge Pub McDogs1609.631609.9117401451514920
9JJ's The Pain1696.341656.6418331534494630
10Scrooge Pub Invincibles1815.571802.5619921521413920
11Phillies Pheasants1555.201550.2516911383393720
12Dolce Vita Money Shot1619.731608.0916901502383620
13JR Pub Black Hole1682.541672.5019081473343310
14Catch Me Cats1688.191680.1318281575333120
15The Hidden Cellar Speakeasy1550.991554.0916121486171610
16King Pub Untouchables0.000.000000