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Sort by Total points Avg Rating Played Avg Rating Team Team Name
TeamAvg Rating PlayedAvg Rating TeamHighest Rated PlayerLowest Rated PlayerTotalGamesMatchesBonus
Team List
1Bulldog Super Strokers1827.121792.91191115991871581415
2Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1742.431755.43190015531601351015
3JJ's Angry Birds1730.771702.92185715171491241015
4Scrooge Pub Invincibles1824.911769.4019881514136113815
6King Pub Super Hustlers1722.291727.0020741502129118110
7Fat Alberts Scandal1604.731602.3817331409124104515
8Scrooge Pub McDogs1625.971608.791728144610989515
9Dolce Vita Sweet Life1614.821596.501807149110588215
10JJ's The Pain1693.661637.581813152210384415
11JR Pub Black Hole1682.081665.82192414771019650
12Phillies Pheasants1580.151559.671676138010183315
13Dolce Vita Money Shot1615.791604.0717011528928840
14Catch Me Cats1704.881698.0018741576847950
15The Hidden Cellar Speakeasy1552.321561.7116411494615830
16King Pub Untouchables0.000.000000


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