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GameAway teamWinnerHome TeamTable Run
Friend's The PainShenanigans Boomtown Rats
Singles first set
1'JJ wake up'Lenny Erickson
2'Richard''The Punisher'
3'marie'John Owens
5Mike FantanosTom Rich
6WJ Kim'The Black Window'
Singles second set
7'JJ wake up'Rickie BallBreak and Run
8'marie''The Punisher'
9WJ KimJohn Owens
10'kevin'Lenny Erickson
11'Richard'Tom Rich
12Mike Fantanos'The Black Window'
Doubles set
13'JJ wake up'
'The Punisher'
Break and Run
Lenny Erickson
Rickie Ball
8-Ball Run
15WJ Kim
Mike Fantanos
'The Black Window'
Tom Rich
Total games:510Date played: 2014-10-08
Doubles played: Scotch


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