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Summer / Fall 2018 Season
2018-12-0514Dennis Kirera
Mohamed 'MoMo' Hamid Allah
Wolfhound HowlersYou Sik 'Parrot' Lee
Jayson Amboy
King Pub Jackpot1712
2018-12-0510Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersSimon NavarroKing Pub Jackpot1706
2018-12-054Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersSommer HanKing Pub Jackpot1697
2018-12-0213Dennis Kirera
Jimmy 'Bullshit' Moorhead
Wolfhound HowlersSheery '8 Ball' M. Ashraf
Brandon 'Piglet' Bodily
Dolce Vita Money Shot1690
2018-12-0212Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersAhrumahri 'Arumari' ChoiDolce Vita Money Shot1696
2018-11-2511Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersDarrell 'Quiz Master' SmithPhillies Frigates1682
2018-11-255Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersDerek 'D-Hops' HopkinsPhillies Frigates1669
2018-11-2113Dennis Kirera
Mohamed 'MoMo' Hamid Allah
Wolfhound HowlersMike 'McLovin' Ohr
Richard Hirst
JJ's The Pain1650
2018-11-219Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersRichard HirstJJ's The Pain1643
2018-11-211Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersFrancis OhJJ's The Pain1627
2018-11-0713Dennis Kirera
Jimi Yun
Wolfhound HowlersMaki 'Maquila' Dejamak
Dolce Vita Money Shot1605
2018-11-078Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersHassan 'Happy Day and Night' ExelDolce Vita Money Shot1593
2018-11-074Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersHassan 'Happy Day and Night' ExelDolce Vita Money Shot1607
2018-10-1714Dennis Kirera
Jimi Yun
Wolfhound HowlersScott Mansz
Carl Linton
Fat Alberts Scandal1623
2018-10-1710Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersCarl LintonFat Alberts Scandal1613
2018-10-173Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersJohn WhitworthFat Alberts Scandal1626
2018-10-1014Dennis Kirera
Kwon Jang-Ho
Wolfhound HowlersDon 'Donnie Two Times' Vancourt
Brendan Howe
Fat Alberts Scandal1644
2018-10-1010Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersDoug WilliamsFat Alberts Scandal1638
2018-10-102Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersCarl LintonFat Alberts Scandal1627
2018-10-0314Dennis Kirera
Jimmy 'Bullshit' Moorhead
Wolfhound Howlers'Zulu'
Brian Noh
The Hidden Cellar Cue Tips1640
2018-10-039Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersSung Min BahnThe Hidden Cellar Cue Tips1630
2018-10-032Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersBrian NohThe Hidden Cellar Cue Tips1617
2018-09-1214Dennis Kirera
Shan S
Wolfhound HowlersLon 'Am I stripes?' Garwood
Jon 'Blindside' Bell
Wolfhound Vagabonds1635
2018-09-127Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersLon 'Am I stripes?' GarwoodWolfhound Vagabonds1642
2018-09-122Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersJon 'Blindside' BellWolfhound Vagabonds1658
2018-09-0513Dennis Kirera
Kwon Jang-Ho
Wolfhound HowlersMatthew Walley
Alzhrani 'Hani' Mohammed
Phillies Frigates1674
2018-09-0510Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersMichael 'The Kauf' KaufmanPhillies Frigates1667
2018-09-054Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersMichael 'The Kauf' KaufmanPhillies Frigates1656
2018-08-228Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersChow 'Mr. C' ChowPhillies Frigates1644
2018-08-222Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersChow 'Mr. C' ChowPhillies Frigates1628
2018-08-1515Dennis Kirera
Shan S
Wolfhound HowlersRickie Ball
Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1611
2018-08-1512Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersMoon Seong HyukShenanigans Boomtown Rats1614
2018-08-155Dennis KireraWolfhound Howlers'IceMan'Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1631
2018-08-0814Dennis Kirera
Charlie West
Wolfhound HowlersChris Kim
Sommer Han
King Pub Jackpot1641
2018-08-089Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersYou Sik 'Parrot' LeeKing Pub Jackpot1652
2018-08-084Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersDennis OhKing Pub Jackpot1638
2018-08-0114Dennis Kirera
Jimmy 'Bullshit' Moorhead
Wolfhound HowlersBrian McGuire
Miyoung 'Half Pint' Kim
Phillies Pheasants1623
2018-08-017Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersJared SmithPhillies Pheasants1633
2018-08-012Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersBrian McGuirePhillies Pheasants1620
2018-07-2514Dennis Kirera
Kwon Jang-Ho
Wolfhound Howlers'Zulu'
The Hidden Cellar Cue Tips1606
2018-07-2510Dennis KireraWolfhound HowlersBrian NohThe Hidden Cellar Cue Tips1598
2018-07-254Dennis KireraWolfhound Howlers'Soho'The Hidden Cellar Cue Tips1615