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Summer/Fall 2019 Season
2019-11-2715Dennis Kirera
Charlie West
Wolfhound MongrelsOric Arong
James Rwigema
Bulldog Fireballs1652
2019-11-278Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsAdam 'The Panda' ChilinskiBulldog Fireballs1661
2019-11-274Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsAdam 'The Panda' ChilinskiBulldog Fireballs1680
2019-11-2015Dennis Kirera
Charlie West
Wolfhound MongrelsJames Woo
King Pub Super Hustlers1666
2019-11-208Dennis KireraWolfhound Mongrels'2LS'King Pub Super Hustlers1678
2019-11-203Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsJeon In SooKing Pub Super Hustlers1661
2019-11-1314Dennis Kirera
Sean 'Are you shitting me' Stevens
Wolfhound MongrelsBrian 'The Exterminator' Andry
Willy 'Not One But Two Balls' Watson
2019-11-139Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsBarry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' EustaceShenanigans1678
2019-11-132Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsJeff VandeweerdShenanigans1691
2019-11-0613Dennis Kirera
Lon 'Am I stripes?' Garwood
Wolfhound Mongrels'Tequila Jo'
Sol Kang
JJ's The Pain1677
2019-11-0612Dennis KireraWolfhound Mongrels'Ju'JJ's The Pain1672
2019-11-063Dennis KireraWolfhound Mongrels'JJ wake up'JJ's The Pain1657
2019-10-2314Dennis Kirera
Charlie West
Wolfhound Mongrels'Skippy the Kangaroo'
Geckos Ultim81665
2019-10-238Dennis KireraWolfhound Mongrels'Pornstar'Geckos Ultim81668
2019-10-232Dennis KireraWolfhound Mongrels'Pornstar'Geckos Ultim81676
2019-10-1614Dennis Kirera
Charlie West
Wolfhound MongrelsStevie 'onemoreshot' Dean
Mirko 'ATM' Petrovic
Dolce Vita Sweet Life1685
2019-10-1611Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsRob 'Robocop' SongDolce Vita Sweet Life1678
2019-10-162Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsMirko 'ATM' PetrovicDolce Vita Sweet Life1695
2019-10-0213Dennis Kirera
Sadiq 'Sam' Azoul
Wolfhound MongrelsJim 'Don't Time Me Out!' Cuthbertson
James Beesley
Phillies Pheasants1717
2019-10-028Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsJim 'Don't Time Me Out!' CuthbertsonPhillies Pheasants1728
2019-09-2515Dennis Kirera
Charlie West
Wolfhound MongrelsChand Mazahir
John Owens
Bulldog Fireballs1720
2019-09-2511Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsChand MazahirBulldog Fireballs1726
2019-09-252Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsOric ArongBulldog Fireballs1707
2019-09-1815Dennis Kirera
Charlie West
Wolfhound MongrelsRiley Serrano
JJ's The Pain1725
2019-09-189Dennis KireraWolfhound Mongrels'Tequila Jo'JJ's The Pain1718
2019-09-184Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsRiley SerranoJJ's The Pain1703
2019-09-0815Dennis Kirera
Charlie West
Wolfhound MongrelsPaul 'The Surgeon' Riddle
Bulldog Super Strokers1693
2019-09-07T24Dennis Kirera** tournament **Shahzad Sam Sheer** tournament **1699
2019-09-07T20Dennis Kirera** tournament **Sheery '8 Ball' M. Ashraf** tournament **1705
2019-09-07T12Dennis Kirera** tournament **Dominic 'Vinegar Strokes' Johnson** tournament **1688
2019-09-0415Dennis Kirera
Charlie West
Wolfhound MongrelsMarc Fafard
Oric Arong
Bulldog Fireballs1695
2019-09-048Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsOric ArongBulldog Fireballs1688
2019-09-045Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsYeo-yeon kimBulldog Fireballs1671
2019-08-2815Dennis Kirera
Lon 'Am I stripes?' Garwood
Wolfhound MongrelsRonan Spillane
2019-08-289Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsLiam WatsonShenanigans1651
2019-08-283Dennis KireraWolfhound Mongrels'Macca'Shenanigans1665
2019-08-1415Dennis Kirera
Sadiq 'Sam' Azoul
Wolfhound MongrelsStevie 'onemoreshot' Dean
Rob 'Robocop' Song
Dolce Vita Sweet Life1674
2019-08-149Dennis KireraWolfhound Mongrels'Simon'Dolce Vita Sweet Life1664
2019-08-142Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsSun Ki 'Crow' MinDolce Vita Sweet Life1654
2019-08-0714Dennis Kirera
Sadiq 'Sam' Azoul
Wolfhound MongrelsJong Hyun 'KJ' Kim
Jin Woo Jo
The Hidden Cellar Speakeasy1662
2019-08-077Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsJong Hyun 'KJ' KimThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy1669
2019-08-074Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsJeff TrageserThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy1687
2019-07-3115Dennis Kirera
LaRisa Lora
Wolfhound MongrelsYoung Jin Jung
Won U Kim
JR Pub Black Hole1675
2019-07-319Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsWon U KimJR Pub Black Hole1668
Winter / Spring 2019 Season
2019-06-1211Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsJi Ae 'Nonno' ChoiCatch Me Troublemakers1653
2019-06-125Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsEric KangCatch Me Troublemakers1663
2019-06-0515Dennis Kirera
Johnny Magyaros
Wolfhound Mongrels'Raveon'
Willy 'Not One But Two Balls' Watson
Shenanigans 1641
2019-06-059Dennis KireraWolfhound Mongrels'Raveon'Shenanigans 1631
2019-06-054Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsJeff VandeweerdShenanigans 1609
2019-05-088Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsMinghai 'M’hai' LiScrooge Pub Angry Birds1623
2019-05-0115Dennis Kirera
Charlie West
Wolfhound MongrelsRickie Ball
Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1634
2019-05-018Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsShahzad Sam SheerShenanigans Boomtown Rats1621
2019-04-1013Dennis Kirera
Johnny Magyaros
Wolfhound MongrelsAlzhrani 'Hani' Mohammed
Jason 'JP' Plunk
Phillies Frigates1624
2019-04-1011Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsAlzhrani 'Hani' MohammedPhillies Frigates1615
2019-04-102Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsT JPhillies Frigates1632
2019-03-2015Dennis Kirera
Raza Jaan
Wolfhound MongrelsRob 'Robocop' Song
Yeon Jeong 'JJangA' Shin
Dolce Vita Sweet Life1653
2019-03-207Dennis KireraWolfhound Mongrels'Finch'Dolce Vita Sweet Life1644
2019-03-1311Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsJames RwigemaBulldog Fireballs1653
2019-02-2710Dennis KireraWolfhound Mongrels'Tequila Jo'JJ's Jumping Jacks1670
2019-02-273Dennis KireraWolfhound Mongrels'Tequila Jo'JJ's Jumping Jacks1688
2019-02-1315Dennis Kirera
Kwon Jang-Ho
Wolfhound MongrelsCheon Bok 'Roger' Kim
Rob 'Robocop' Song
Dolce Vita Sweet Life1672
2019-02-136Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsJin 'J' LeeDolce Vita Sweet Life1661
2019-01-2310Dennis KireraWolfhound MongrelsLiam WatsonShenanigans 1681
2019-01-233Dennis KireraWolfhound Mongrels'Macca'Shenanigans 1697