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Summer/Fall 2019 Season
2019-12-0410'Baseth'King Pub UntouchablesJoseph 'Sloppy Joe' SteinBulldog Super Strokers1695
2019-12-046'Baseth'King Pub UntouchablesPaul 'The Surgeon' RiddleBulldog Super Strokers1709
2019-11-2410'Baseth'King Pub Untouchables'IceMan'Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1684
2019-11-243'Baseth'King Pub UntouchablesAhmad 'Kk' KhanShenanigans Boomtown Rats1660
2019-11-0610'Baseth'King Pub Untouchables'IceMan'Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1668
2019-11-066'Baseth'King Pub UntouchablesRickie BallShenanigans Boomtown Rats1676
King Pub UntouchablesAli Lee
UiYoung 'Mike' Jung
Catch Me Troublemakers1687
2019-10-3010'Baseth'King Pub UntouchablesChangMin 'CM' ChangMinCatch Me Troublemakers1683
2019-10-306'Baseth'King Pub UntouchablesChangMin 'CM' ChangMinCatch Me Troublemakers1671
'Tanar The Explorer'
King Pub UntouchablesChan Tae 'Master Timeout' Lee
Mass Alblooshi
King Pub Super Hustlers1658
2019-10-2310'Baseth'King Pub UntouchablesJeon In SooKing Pub Super Hustlers1654
2019-10-236'Baseth'King Pub UntouchablesChris KimKing Pub Super Hustlers1665
'Tanar The Explorer'
King Pub Untouchables'Tequila Jo'
Hee Joung Lee
JJ's The Pain1645
2019-10-169'Baseth'King Pub UntouchablesWonho 'Andy' HanJJ's The Pain1642
'Tanar The Explorer'
King Pub Untouchablesjuyoung 'juy' choi
Kilsoo 'KooSil' Lee
Catch Me Troublemakers1632
2019-10-0910'Baseth'King Pub UntouchablesKilsoo 'KooSil' LeeCatch Me Troublemakers1629
2019-10-096'Baseth'King Pub UntouchablesDong hang 'Ajum' ParkCatch Me Troublemakers1614