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Winter/Spring 2020 Season
2020-04-2915Bong 'Bong' Bong
Darryl 'The Closer' Dawson
Bulldog Super Strokers'YSJ'
Na Eun Sun
Catch Me Cats1918
2020-04-2911Bong 'Bong' BongBulldog Super Strokers'YSJ'Catch Me Cats1915
2020-02-1213Bong 'Bong' Bong
Park Junho
Bulldog Super Strokers'JJ wake up'
Jin 'J' Lee
JJ's The Pain1910
2020-02-129Bong 'Bong' BongBulldog Super Strokers'JJ wake up'JJ's The Pain1904
2020-02-122Bong 'Bong' BongBulldog Super Strokers'Zulu'JJ's The Pain1891
2020-01-2215Bong 'Bong' Bong
Joseph 'Sloppy Joe' Stein
Bulldog Super StrokersJames Rwigema
Jeff Trageser
2020-01-2211Bong 'Bong' BongBulldog Super Strokers'Marley'Zion1895
2020-01-226Bong 'Bong' BongBulldog Super Strokers'Marley'Zion1890