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Winter/Spring 2020 Season
2020-02-1915Ahmad 'Kk' Khan
'The Punisher'
Scrooge Pub InvinciblesJeff Trageser
Dennis Kirera
2020-02-1911Ahmad 'Kk' KhanScrooge Pub Invincibles'Marley'Zion1880
2020-02-196Ahmad 'Kk' KhanScrooge Pub Invincibles'Marley'Zion1875
2020-02-1210Ahmad 'Kk' KhanScrooge Pub InvinciblesJin Woo JoCatch Me Cats1869
2020-02-121Ahmad 'Kk' KhanScrooge Pub Invincibles'Joe'Catch Me Cats1860
2020-02-0513Ahmad 'Kk' Khan
Sera 'Sael' Hwang
Scrooge Pub InvinciblesBrian 'The Exterminator' Andry
Ben 'ond run' Hough
2020-02-059Ahmad 'Kk' KhanScrooge Pub InvinciblesRonan SpillaneShenanigans1878
2020-02-055Ahmad 'Kk' KhanScrooge Pub InvinciblesBrian 'The Exterminator' AndryShenanigans1869
2020-01-228Ahmad 'Kk' KhanScrooge Pub Invincibles'Jake The Ache'Bulldog Lounge Ultim81860
2020-01-221Ahmad 'Kk' KhanScrooge Pub Invincibles'Sampaguita★'Bulldog Lounge Ultim81836
2020-01-1515Ahmad 'Kk' Khan
Woojae Kim
Scrooge Pub InvinciblesRickie Ball
James Beesley
Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1822
2020-01-1510Ahmad 'Kk' KhanScrooge Pub Invincibles'IceMan'Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1819