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Winter/Spring 2020 Season
2020-02-1915Lee Eun Ah
'Blue Jay'
JJ's Angry Birds'YC'
Bulldog Lounge Ultim81615
2020-02-1911Lee Eun AhJJ's Angry Birds'YC'Bulldog Lounge Ultim81625
2020-02-195Lee Eun AhJJ's Angry Birds'YS'Bulldog Lounge Ultim81612
2020-01-2915Lee Eun Ah
'Blue Jay'
JJ's Angry BirdsPark Junho
Joseph 'Sloppy Joe' Stein
Bulldog Super Strokers1616
2020-01-2912Lee Eun AhJJ's Angry BirdsDo 'The Departed' KimBulldog Super Strokers1624
2020-01-2214Lee Eun Ah
'Blue Jay'
JJ's Angry BirdsRickie Ball
Nuri 'Dimples' Kim
Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1598
2020-01-2212Lee Eun AhJJ's Angry BirdsJames BeesleyShenanigans Boomtown Rats1590