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Summer/Fall 2020 Season
2020-10-288Brian 'The Exterminator' AndryShenaniganswoong jin 'Jacop' BangCatch Me Cats1687
2020-10-283Brian 'The Exterminator' AndryShenanigansChangbae 'Pegasus' SeoCatch Me Cats1669
Winter/Spring 2020 Season
2020-04-2913Brian 'The Exterminator' Andry
Nick 'Muammar Gaddafries' Bruneau
Shenanigans'Han Joe'
Jin 'J' Lee
JJ's The Pain1679
2020-04-299Brian 'The Exterminator' AndryShenanigansSeungtaek 'Louis' HongJJ's The Pain1686
2020-04-294Brian 'The Exterminator' AndryShenanigansSue LeeJJ's The Pain1675
2020-02-1913Brian 'The Exterminator' Andry
Nick 'Muammar Gaddafries' Bruneau
ShenanigansPark Junho
Bulldog Super Strokers1694
2020-02-1910Brian 'The Exterminator' AndryShenanigans'Gwapo'Bulldog Super Strokers1700
2020-02-192Brian 'The Exterminator' AndryShenanigans'Sonya'Bulldog Super Strokers1677
2020-02-1213Brian 'The Exterminator' Andry
Willy 'Not One But Two Balls' Watson
Dong hang 'Ajum' Park
Catch Me Troublemakers1658
2020-02-1210Brian 'The Exterminator' AndryShenanigans'Felix Zhang'Catch Me Troublemakers1669
2020-02-122Brian 'The Exterminator' AndryShenanigansDong hang 'Ajum' ParkCatch Me Troublemakers1688
2020-02-0513Brian 'The Exterminator' Andry
Ben 'ond run' Hough
ShenanigansSera 'Sael' Hwang
Ahmad 'Kk' Khan
Scrooge Pub Invincibles1676
2020-02-0510Brian 'The Exterminator' AndryShenanigans'Finch'Scrooge Pub Invincibles1681
2020-02-055Brian 'The Exterminator' AndryShenanigansAhmad 'Kk' KhanScrooge Pub Invincibles1691
2020-01-2913Brian 'The Exterminator' Andry
Ben 'ond run' Hough
ShenanigansLon 'Am I stripes?' Garwood
Sean 'Are you shitting me' Stevens
Scrooge Pub McDogs1700
2020-01-299Brian 'The Exterminator' AndryShenanigansLon 'Am I stripes?' GarwoodScrooge Pub McDogs1712
2020-01-292Brian 'The Exterminator' AndryShenanigansSean 'Are you shitting me' StevensScrooge Pub McDogs1697
2020-01-1515Brian 'The Exterminator' Andry
Nick 'Muammar Gaddafries' Bruneau
ShenanigansKimberly Garfin
Dash Dash
2020-01-1510Brian 'The Exterminator' AndryShenanigansDonald AZion1684
2020-01-154Brian 'The Exterminator' AndryShenanigansLisa BaeZion1672