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Summer/Fall 2020 Season
2020-10-2814Kwon Jang-Ho
Lon 'Am I stripes?' Garwood
Scrooge Pub McDogsMilo 'Goldmember' Ylstra
Zach Pollock
Phillies Pheasants1743
2020-10-288Kwon Jang-HoScrooge Pub McDogsZach PollockPhillies Pheasants1753
2020-10-284Kwon Jang-HoScrooge Pub McDogsZach PollockPhillies Pheasants1743
2020-09-1614Kwon Jang-Ho
Ana 'Annie' Urbina
Scrooge Pub McDogsHee Joung Lee
Sue Lee
JJ's The Pain1732
2020-08-0514Kwon Jang-Ho
Charlie West
Scrooge Pub McDogsRichard Hirst
'Blue Jay'
JJ's Angry Birds1722
2020-08-056Kwon Jang-HoScrooge Pub McDogsRichard HirstJJ's Angry Birds1730
Winter/Spring 2020 Season
2020-05-0615Kwon Jang-Ho
Charlie West
Scrooge Pub McDogsDon 'Donnie Two Times' Vancourt
Doug Williams
Fat Alberts Scandal1721
2020-05-0611Kwon Jang-HoScrooge Pub McDogsBrendan HoweFat Alberts Scandal1716
2020-05-066Kwon Jang-HoScrooge Pub McDogsDoug WilliamsFat Alberts Scandal1704
2020-02-1913Kwon Jang-Ho
Ana 'Annie' Urbina
Scrooge Pub McDogs'Dima'
Nuri 'Dimples' Kim
Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1698
2020-02-197Kwon Jang-HoScrooge Pub McDogsNuri 'Dimples' KimShenanigans Boomtown Rats1689
2020-02-196Kwon Jang-HoScrooge Pub McDogs'Dima'Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1710
2020-02-1213Kwon Jang-Ho
Lon 'Am I stripes?' Garwood
Scrooge Pub McDogs'Lim Dang Goo'
King Pub Untouchables1733
2020-02-127Kwon Jang-HoScrooge Pub McDogs'Tanar The Explorer'King Pub Untouchables1720
2020-02-123Kwon Jang-HoScrooge Pub McDogs'Oragon'King Pub Untouchables1729
2020-01-2215Kwon Jang-Ho
Charlie West
Scrooge Pub McDogsChan Tae 'Master Timeout' Lee
Wan Jin 'A-Flow' Jeong
King Pub Super Hustlers1737
2020-01-2210Kwon Jang-HoScrooge Pub McDogsWan Jin 'A-Flow' JeongKing Pub Super Hustlers1745
2020-01-224Kwon Jang-HoScrooge Pub McDogsHye Dam JunKing Pub Super Hustlers1734
2020-01-1514Kwon Jang-Ho
Mark 'Wolverine' Wilson
Scrooge Pub McDogsMilo 'Goldmember' Ylstra
Miyoung 'Half Pint' Kim
Phillies Pheasants1727
2020-01-1512Kwon Jang-HoScrooge Pub McDogsSungmin BahnPhillies Pheasants1721
2020-01-156Kwon Jang-HoScrooge Pub McDogsJon SipilaPhillies Pheasants1715