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Summer/Fall 2020 Season
2020-10-1410Brendan HoweFat Alberts ScandalLanka DaboDolce Vita Sweet Life1578
2020-10-146Brendan HoweFat Alberts Scandal'Hoon'Dolce Vita Sweet Life1595
2020-10-0715Brendan Howe
Scott Mansz
Fat Alberts Scandal'Blue Jay'
'Tequila Jo'
JJ's Angry Birds1614
2020-10-076Brendan HoweFat Alberts Scandal'Tequila Jo'JJ's Angry Birds1620
2020-07-2915Brendan Howe
Scott Mansz
Fat Alberts ScandalSheery '8 Ball' M. Ashraf
Mayank Goyal
Dolce Vita Money Shot1638
2020-07-2912Brendan HoweFat Alberts Scandal'YJ'Dolce Vita Money Shot1629
Winter/Spring 2020 Season
2020-05-0611Brendan HoweFat Alberts ScandalKwon Jang-HoScrooge Pub McDogs1612
2020-05-063Brendan HoweFat Alberts ScandalCharlie WestScrooge Pub McDogs1624
2020-04-2213Brendan Howe
John Lee
Fat Alberts ScandalPaul 'The Surgeon' Riddle
Lee Hyeran
Bulldog Super Strokers1607
2020-04-228Brendan HoweFat Alberts Scandal'Sonya'Bulldog Super Strokers1596
2020-02-1214Brendan Howe
Don 'Donnie Two Times' Vancourt
Fat Alberts ScandalDominic 'Vinegar Strokes' Johnson
Lenny Erickson
Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1607
2020-02-128Brendan HoweFat Alberts ScandalLenny EricksonShenanigans Boomtown Rats1611
2020-02-0514Brendan Howe
Don 'Donnie Two Times' Vancourt
Fat Alberts Scandal'Jimi'
Catch Me Cats1624
2020-02-0511Brendan HoweFat Alberts ScandalJin Woo JoCatch Me Cats1631
2020-02-054Brendan HoweFat Alberts ScandalNa Eun SunCatch Me Cats1611
2020-01-2915Brendan Howe
Carl Linton
Fat Alberts ScandalChangMin 'CM' ChangMin
Victoria Moon
Catch Me Troublemakers1595
2020-01-293Brendan HoweFat Alberts ScandalVictoria MoonCatch Me Troublemakers1603
2020-01-2215Brendan Howe
Carl Linton
Fat Alberts ScandalFrancis 'The Prince' Corocoto
King Pub Untouchables1615
2020-01-228Brendan HoweFat Alberts ScandalFrancis 'The Prince' CorocotoKing Pub Untouchables1618
2020-01-1515Brendan Howe
Doug Williams
Fat Alberts ScandalMarc Fafard
James Rwigema
Bulldog Fireballs1621
2020-01-157Brendan HoweFat Alberts ScandalYeo-yeon kimBulldog Fireballs1628