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Summer/Fall 2020 Season
2020-10-1415Jin Chul 'Junior' Jung
Won U Kim
JR Pub Black HoleSungmin Bahn
Andrew 'Bruiser' Bruce
Phillies Pheasants1712
2020-10-1411Jin Chul 'Junior' JungJR Pub Black HoleZach PollockPhillies Pheasants1724
2020-10-071Jin Chul 'Junior' JungJR Pub Black HoleKlau 'Phantom' YangJJ's The Pain1713
2020-08-1915Jin Chul 'Junior' Jung
Mr Zain
JR Pub Black HoleCarl Linton
Don 'Donnie Two Times' Vancourt
Fat Alberts Scandal1734
2020-08-1912Jin Chul 'Junior' JungJR Pub Black HoleCarl LintonFat Alberts Scandal1741
2020-08-196Jin Chul 'Junior' JungJR Pub Black HoleDoug WilliamsFat Alberts Scandal1725
2020-07-2915Jin Chul 'Junior' Jung
Mr Zain
JR Pub Black HoleChan Tae 'Master Timeout' Lee
King Pub Super Hustlers1721
2020-07-2911Jin Chul 'Junior' JungJR Pub Black Hole'SEO'King Pub Super Hustlers1725
2020-07-295Jin Chul 'Junior' JungJR Pub Black HoleWan Jin 'A-Flow' JeongKing Pub Super Hustlers1707
Winter/Spring 2020 Season
2020-02-057Jin Chul 'Junior' JungJR Pub Black HoleDong hang 'Ajum' ParkCatch Me Troublemakers1727
2020-02-056Jin Chul 'Junior' JungJR Pub Black HoleHoyoul 'Kenshin' KimCatch Me Troublemakers1752