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Summer/Fall 2020 Season
2020-08-1912Francis 'The Prince' CorocotoKing Pub Super HustlersCharlie WestScrooge Pub McDogs2096
2020-08-195Francis 'The Prince' CorocotoKing Pub Super HustlersJon 'Blindside' BellScrooge Pub McDogs2094
2020-08-057Francis 'The Prince' CorocotoKing Pub Super HustlersJames BeesleyShenanigans Boomtown Rats2092
2020-08-054Francis 'The Prince' CorocotoKing Pub Super HustlersDominic 'Vinegar Strokes' JohnsonShenanigans Boomtown Rats2090
Winter/Spring 2020 Season
2020-02-2615Francis 'The Prince' Corocoto
King Pub Untouchables'Jimi'
Na Eun Sun
Catch Me Cats2083
2020-02-2611Francis 'The Prince' CorocotoKing Pub UntouchablesChangbae 'Pegasus' SeoCatch Me Cats2081
2020-02-266Francis 'The Prince' CorocotoKing Pub UntouchablesChangbae 'Pegasus' SeoCatch Me Cats2106
2020-02-1915Francis 'The Prince' Corocoto
Erwin Ordano
King Pub UntouchablesMiyoung 'Half Pint' Kim
Jim 'Don't Time Me Out!' Cuthbertson
Phillies Pheasants2098
2020-02-198Francis 'The Prince' CorocotoKing Pub UntouchablesDarrell 'Quiz Master' SmithPhillies Pheasants2096
2020-02-193Francis 'The Prince' CorocotoKing Pub UntouchablesSungmin BahnPhillies Pheasants2095
2020-02-1214Francis 'The Prince' Corocoto
King Pub UntouchablesJon 'Blindside' Bell
Ana 'Annie' Urbina
Scrooge Pub McDogs2094
2020-02-128Francis 'The Prince' CorocotoKing Pub UntouchablesLon 'Am I stripes?' GarwoodScrooge Pub McDogs2092
2020-02-122Francis 'The Prince' CorocotoKing Pub UntouchablesJon 'Blindside' BellScrooge Pub McDogs2090
2020-02-0515Francis 'The Prince' Corocoto
King Pub UntouchablesChan Tae 'Master Timeout' Lee
Hye Dam Jun
King Pub Super Hustlers2088
2020-02-0510Francis 'The Prince' CorocotoKing Pub UntouchablesChan Tae 'Master Timeout' LeeKing Pub Super Hustlers2084
2020-02-052Francis 'The Prince' CorocotoKing Pub UntouchablesHye Dam JunKing Pub Super Hustlers2077
2020-01-2914Francis 'The Prince' Corocoto
King Pub Untouchables'Sampaguita★'
Hyejin Song
Bulldog Lounge Ultim82076
2020-01-299Francis 'The Prince' CorocotoKing Pub Untouchables'Jake The Ache'Bulldog Lounge Ultim82073
2020-01-293Francis 'The Prince' CorocotoKing Pub Untouchables'Sampaguita★'Bulldog Lounge Ultim82061
2020-01-2215Francis 'The Prince' Corocoto
King Pub UntouchablesCarl Linton
Brendan Howe
Fat Alberts Scandal2055
2020-01-228Francis 'The Prince' CorocotoKing Pub UntouchablesBrendan HoweFat Alberts Scandal2052
2020-01-222Francis 'The Prince' CorocotoKing Pub UntouchablesScott ManszFat Alberts Scandal2049
2020-01-1514Francis 'The Prince' Corocoto
King Pub UntouchablesBoyoung 'BIBI' Park
Heijin 'HJ' Bak
Dolce Vita Sweet Life2047
2020-01-157Francis 'The Prince' CorocotoKing Pub UntouchablesAhrum 'Ahri' ChoiDolce Vita Sweet Life2044
2020-01-151Francis 'The Prince' CorocotoKing Pub UntouchablesJim DeweyDolce Vita Sweet Life2042