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Summer/Fall 2020 Season
2020-10-1412Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalRob 'Robocop' SongDolce Vita Sweet Life1632
2020-10-141Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalJim DeweyDolce Vita Sweet Life1614
2020-10-0712Dave PipesFat Alberts Scandal'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry Birds1636
2020-10-073Dave PipesFat Alberts Scandal'Sampaguita★'JJ's Angry Birds1644
2020-09-2315Dave Pipes
Don 'Donnie Two Times' Vancourt
Fat Alberts ScandalLenny Erickson
Rickie Ball
Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1653
2020-09-2310Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalJames BeesleyShenanigans Boomtown Rats1657
2020-09-232Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalDominic 'Vinegar Strokes' JohnsonShenanigans Boomtown Rats1645
2020-08-2615Dave Pipes
John Lee
Fat Alberts ScandalCharlie West
Sean 'Are you shitting me' Stevens
Scrooge Pub McDogs1618
2020-08-267Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalSung Hak JiScrooge Pub McDogs1627
2020-08-262Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalOric ArongScrooge Pub McDogs1612
2020-08-1913Dave Pipes
John Lee
Fat Alberts Scandal'Lim Dang Goo'
Young Jin Jung
JR Pub Black Hole1624
2020-08-1910Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalMr ZainJR Pub Black Hole1628
2020-08-193Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalYoung Jin JungJR Pub Black Hole1619
2020-08-1214Dave Pipes
Don 'Donnie Two Times' Vancourt
Fat Alberts ScandalPaul 'The Surgeon' Riddle
Darryl 'The Closer' Dawson
Bulldog Super Strokers1597
2020-08-1211Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalMatt 'Hold my Wine' WestBulldog Super Strokers1600
2020-08-122Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalDarryl 'The Closer' DawsonBulldog Super Strokers1605
2020-08-0514Dave Pipes
John Lee
Fat Alberts ScandalZach Pollock
Milo 'Goldmember' Ylstra
Phillies Pheasants1579
2020-08-057Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalZach PollockPhillies Pheasants1587
2020-07-2913Dave Pipes
John Lee
Fat Alberts ScandalMaki 'Maquila' Dejamak
Jun 'Jun' Heo
Dolce Vita Money Shot1571
2020-07-297Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalJun 'Jun' HeoDolce Vita Money Shot1578
2020-07-291Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalJun 'Jun' HeoDolce Vita Money Shot1594
Winter/Spring 2020 Season
2020-05-0610Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalMark 'Wolverine' WilsonScrooge Pub McDogs1612
2020-05-062Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalJon 'Blindside' BellScrooge Pub McDogs1598
2020-04-2215Dave Pipes
Johnny Black
Fat Alberts ScandalPark Junho
Darryl 'The Closer' Dawson
Bulldog Super Strokers1614
2020-04-2212Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalPark JunhoBulldog Super Strokers1619
2020-04-224Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalPark JunhoBulldog Super Strokers1631
2020-02-0515Dave Pipes
Carl Linton
Fat Alberts ScandalChangbae 'Pegasus' Seo
Jin Woo Jo
Catch Me Cats1644
2020-02-0510Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalNa Eun SunCatch Me Cats1632
2020-02-053Dave PipesFat Alberts Scandal'JB'Catch Me Cats1618
2020-01-2911Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalMike 'mikepark' ParkCatch Me Troublemakers1636
2020-01-292Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalJi Ae 'Nonno' ChoiCatch Me Troublemakers1645
2020-01-2214Dave Pipes
Doug Williams
Fat Alberts Scandal'Tanar The Explorer'
King Pub Untouchables1626
2020-01-224Dave PipesFat Alberts Scandal'Tadjong'King Pub Untouchables1629
2020-01-1514Dave Pipes
Carl Linton
Fat Alberts ScandalAdam 'The Panda' Chilinski
John Owens
Bulldog Fireballs1640
2020-01-1510Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalAdam 'The Panda' ChilinskiBulldog Fireballs1630
2020-01-153Dave PipesFat Alberts ScandalOric ArongBulldog Fireballs1645