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Summer/Fall 2020 Season
2020-10-1412'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry Birds'Macca'Shenanigans1845
2020-10-141'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry BirdsChris HewisonShenanigans1866
2020-10-0715'Blue Jay'
'Tequila Jo'
JJ's Angry BirdsBrendan Howe
Scott Mansz
Fat Alberts Scandal1853
2020-10-0712'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry BirdsDave PipesFat Alberts Scandal1847
2020-10-071'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry BirdsJohn LeeFat Alberts Scandal1839
2020-09-2313'Blue Jay'
Shin Joon woo
JJ's Angry BirdsJake Pains
Reza Carr
The Hidden Cellar Speakeasy1834
2020-09-239'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry BirdsReza CarrThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy1847
2020-09-232'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry BirdsAlim AlimThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy1844
2020-09-1615'Blue Jay'
LEE 'BLACK SWAN' joo young
JJ's Angry BirdsAlex 'Lightning' Hu
Paul 'The Surgeon' Riddle
Bulldog Super Strokers1838
2020-09-167'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry Birds'Gwapo'Bulldog Super Strokers1826
2020-09-163'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry BirdsAlex 'Lightning' HuBulldog Super Strokers1810
2020-08-2614'Blue Jay'
Jake Yim
JJ's Angry Birds'YJ'
Alzhrani 'Hani' Mohammed
Dolce Vita Money Shot1825
2020-08-269'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry Birds'Sunki'Dolce Vita Money Shot1836
2020-08-261'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry BirdsMayank GoyalDolce Vita Money Shot1828
2020-08-1215'Blue Jay'
LEE 'BLACK SWAN' joo young
JJ's Angry BirdsBulma 'Where is Vegeta' Pian
Chan Tae 'Master Timeout' Lee
King Pub Super Hustlers1820
2020-08-129'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry BirdsBulma 'Where is Vegeta' PianKing Pub Super Hustlers1828
2020-08-121'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry Birds'Tadjong'King Pub Super Hustlers1821
2020-08-0514'Blue Jay'
Richard Hirst
JJ's Angry BirdsKwon Jang-Ho
Charlie West
Scrooge Pub McDogs1839
2020-08-0510'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry BirdsCharlie WestScrooge Pub McDogs1831
2020-08-052'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry BirdsJon 'Blindside' BellScrooge Pub McDogs1823
2020-07-2914'Blue Jay'
LEE 'BLACK SWAN' joo young
JJ's Angry BirdsAra Cho
Scrooge Pub Invincibles1814
2020-07-298'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry Birds'The Punisher'Scrooge Pub Invincibles1822
2020-07-292'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry Birds'Chang'Scrooge Pub Invincibles1837
Winter/Spring 2020 Season
2020-05-0615'Blue Jay'
Bulma 'Where is Vegeta' Pian
JJ's Angry BirdsMilo 'Goldmember' Ylstra
Darrell 'Quiz Master' Smith
Phillies Pheasants1818
2020-05-0612'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry BirdsAnna 'Marla' MeinigPhillies Pheasants1829
2020-05-062'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry BirdsMilo 'Goldmember' YlstraPhillies Pheasants1827
2020-02-2613'Blue Jay'
Bulma 'Where is Vegeta' Pian
JJ's Angry BirdsYoung Jin Jung
Tom 'TK' Koh
JR Pub Black Hole1818
2020-02-269'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry BirdsWon U KimJR Pub Black Hole1826
2020-02-263'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry BirdsRaza JaanJR Pub Black Hole1814
2020-02-1915'Blue Jay'
Lee Eun Ah
JJ's Angry Birds'Sampaguita★'
Bulldog Lounge Ultim81805
2020-02-199'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry Birds'Destroyer'Bulldog Lounge Ultim81815
2020-02-193'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry Birds'Skippy the Kangaroo'Bulldog Lounge Ultim81840
2020-02-1213'Blue Jay'
Shin Joon woo
JJ's Angry Birds'Alice'
Dolce Vita Money Shot1823
2020-02-1211'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry Birds'Alice'Dolce Vita Money Shot1816
2020-02-123'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry BirdsAdam 'Adam' JamusDolce Vita Money Shot1808
2020-02-0510'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry BirdsAndy NZion1800
2020-02-051'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry BirdsJeff TrageserZion1793
2020-01-2915'Blue Jay'
Lee Eun Ah
JJ's Angry BirdsJoseph 'Sloppy Joe' Stein
Park Junho
Bulldog Super Strokers1818
2020-01-291'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry BirdsAlex 'Lightning' HuBulldog Super Strokers1826
2020-01-2214'Blue Jay'
Lee Eun Ah
JJ's Angry BirdsRickie Ball
Nuri 'Dimples' Kim
Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1844
2020-01-229'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry Birds'Dima'Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1836
2020-01-224'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry Birds'IceMan'Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1864
2020-01-1515'Blue Jay'
Son Kyung Mim
JJ's Angry Birds'SEO'
Chan Tae 'Master Timeout' Lee
King Pub Super Hustlers1847
2020-01-1510'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry Birds'SEO'King Pub Super Hustlers1837
2020-01-154'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry BirdsChris KimKing Pub Super Hustlers1824