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Summer/Fall 2020 Season
2020-10-2813Won U Kim
Young Jin Jung
JR Pub Black HoleDominic 'Vinegar Strokes' Johnson
Lenny Erickson
Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1653
2020-10-288Won U KimJR Pub Black Hole'The Artist Formally Known as CJ'Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1643
2020-10-282Won U KimJR Pub Black HoleDominic 'Vinegar Strokes' JohnsonShenanigans Boomtown Rats1624
2020-10-1415Won U Kim
Jin Chul 'Junior' Jung
JR Pub Black HoleAndrew 'Bruiser' Bruce
Sungmin Bahn
Phillies Pheasants1634
2020-10-148Won U KimJR Pub Black HoleJon PantonPhillies Pheasants1646
2020-10-144Won U KimJR Pub Black HoleZach PollockPhillies Pheasants1658
2020-10-0713Won U Kim
'Lim Dang Goo'
JR Pub Black HoleSue Lee
'JJ wake up'
JJ's The Pain1643
2020-10-0710Won U KimJR Pub Black HoleHee Joung LeeJJ's The Pain1654
2020-10-076Won U KimJR Pub Black HoleSue LeeJJ's The Pain1668
2020-09-2313Won U Kim
Raza Jaan
JR Pub Black HoleUnknown Player
Dolce Vita Money Shot1688
2020-09-2312Won U KimJR Pub Black Hole'Sunki'Dolce Vita Money Shot1698
2020-09-231Won U KimJR Pub Black HoleTasha 'Tasha' LovinsDolce Vita Money Shot1686
2020-09-1610Won U KimJR Pub Black HoleFenny IndrawatiDolce Vita Sweet Life1675
2020-09-165Won U KimJR Pub Black HoleHan Georl 'HG' YeomDolce Vita Sweet Life1665
2020-08-268Won U KimJR Pub Black HoleMatt 'Hold my Wine' WestBulldog Super Strokers1685
2020-08-265Won U KimJR Pub Black HoleBekzod MamadalievBulldog Super Strokers1692
2020-08-1213Won U Kim
sung kyu 'AJ Kim' kim
JR Pub Black Hole'Raveon'
Ronan Spillane
2020-08-1211Won U KimJR Pub Black HoleBen 'ond run' HoughShenanigans1695
2020-08-125Won U KimJR Pub Black HoleBen 'ond run' HoughShenanigans1709
Winter/Spring 2020 Season
2020-02-2615Won U Kim
sung kyu 'AJ Kim' kim
JR Pub Black HolePark Sang Woon
Yi Young Jin
JJ's Angry Birds1725
2020-02-269Won U KimJR Pub Black Hole'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry Birds1717
2020-02-266Won U KimJR Pub Black HoleBulma 'Where is Vegeta' PianJJ's Angry Birds1729
2020-02-198Won U KimJR Pub Black Hole'MIB DG'JJ's The Pain1718
2020-02-1213Won U Kim
Young Jin Jung
JR Pub Black HoleDash Dash
Dennis Kirera
2020-02-127Won U KimJR Pub Black HoleWon kyo LimZion1727
2020-02-0514Won U Kim
sung kyu 'AJ Kim' kim
JR Pub Black HoleVictoria Moon
'Felix Zhang'
Catch Me Troublemakers1716
2020-02-0512Won U KimJR Pub Black HoleHoyoul 'Kenshin' KimCatch Me Troublemakers1726
2020-01-2915Won U Kim
Mr Zain
JR Pub Black Hole'Simon'
Heijin 'HJ' Bak
Dolce Vita Sweet Life1711
2020-01-298Won U KimJR Pub Black HoleBoyoung 'BIBI' ParkDolce Vita Sweet Life1704