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Summer/Fall 2020 Season
2020-10-2815Shahzad Sam Sheer
Ara Cho
Scrooge Pub InvinciblesSong Hee Lee
Alim Alim
The Hidden Cellar Speakeasy1812
2020-10-2811Shahzad Sam SheerScrooge Pub InvinciblesJake PainsThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy1823
2020-10-286Shahzad Sam SheerScrooge Pub InvinciblesAlim AlimThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy1818
2020-10-0714Shahzad Sam Sheer
'The Punisher'
Scrooge Pub InvinciblesMatt 'Hold my Wine' West
Dan Suh
Bulldog Super Strokers1812
2020-10-0711Shahzad Sam SheerScrooge Pub InvinciblesDan SuhBulldog Super Strokers1803
2020-10-074Shahzad Sam SheerScrooge Pub InvinciblesDarryl 'The Closer' DawsonBulldog Super Strokers1821
2020-09-1613Shahzad Sam Sheer
'The Punisher'
Scrooge Pub InvinciblesLenny Erickson
James Beesley
Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1805
2020-09-1612Shahzad Sam SheerScrooge Pub InvinciblesRickie BallShenanigans Boomtown Rats1817
2020-09-162Shahzad Sam SheerScrooge Pub Invincibles'Skippy the Kangaroo'Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1798
2020-08-0513Shahzad Sam Sheer
Unknown Player
Scrooge Pub InvinciblesJun 'Jun' Heo
Dolce Vita Money Shot1814
2020-08-0511Shahzad Sam SheerScrooge Pub Invincibles'Alice'Dolce Vita Money Shot1824
2020-08-051Shahzad Sam SheerScrooge Pub InvinciblesMayank GoyalDolce Vita Money Shot1818
Winter/Spring 2020 Season
2020-04-2915Shahzad Sam Sheer
Unknown Player
Scrooge Pub Invincibles'YJ'
Jun 'Jun' Heo
Dolce Vita Money Shot1843
2020-04-2912Shahzad Sam SheerScrooge Pub InvinciblesUnknown PlayerDolce Vita Money Shot1837
2020-04-296Shahzad Sam SheerScrooge Pub InvinciblesJun 'Jun' HeoDolce Vita Money Shot1863
2020-02-1914Shahzad Sam Sheer
Scrooge Pub InvinciblesJames Rwigema
Andy N
2020-02-1910Shahzad Sam SheerScrooge Pub InvinciblesJames RwigemaZion1854
2020-02-0515Shahzad Sam Sheer
Scrooge Pub Invincibles'Raveon'
Jeff Vandeweerd
2020-01-2215Shahzad Sam Sheer
Sera 'Sael' Hwang
Scrooge Pub Invincibles'YS'
'The Artist Formally Known as CJ'
Bulldog Lounge Ultim81892
2020-01-227Shahzad Sam SheerScrooge Pub Invincibles'YS'Bulldog Lounge Ultim81885
2020-01-222Shahzad Sam SheerScrooge Pub InvinciblesJong KiBulldog Lounge Ultim81898
2020-01-1513Shahzad Sam Sheer
Sera 'Sael' Hwang
Scrooge Pub InvinciblesLenny Erickson
Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1918
2020-01-152Shahzad Sam SheerScrooge Pub InvinciblesJames BeesleyShenanigans Boomtown Rats1915