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Summer/Fall 2020 Season
2020-09-2310Hoyoul 'Kenshin' KimCatch Me CatsOric ArongScrooge Pub McDogs1617
2020-09-235Hoyoul 'Kenshin' KimCatch Me CatsJimmy .Scrooge Pub McDogs1597
Winter/Spring 2020 Season
2020-04-2914Hoyoul 'Kenshin' Kim
'Felix Zhang'
Catch Me TroublemakersJeff Trageser
Andy N
2020-04-2910Hoyoul 'Kenshin' KimCatch Me TroublemakersJeff TrageserZion1623
2020-04-291Hoyoul 'Kenshin' KimCatch Me TroublemakersJeff TrageserZion1640
2020-04-2215Hoyoul 'Kenshin' Kim
ChangMin 'CM' ChangMin
Catch Me TroublemakersLon 'Am I stripes?' Garwood
Sean 'Are you shitting me' Stevens
Scrooge Pub McDogs1659
2020-04-229Hoyoul 'Kenshin' KimCatch Me TroublemakersAna 'Annie' UrbinaScrooge Pub McDogs1669
2020-04-221Hoyoul 'Kenshin' KimCatch Me TroublemakersJon 'Blindside' BellScrooge Pub McDogs1695
2020-02-0515Hoyoul 'Kenshin' Kim
YoungWoo 'Happy_Young' Seo
Catch Me TroublemakersYoung Jin Jung
Mr Zain
JR Pub Black Hole1681
2020-02-0512Hoyoul 'Kenshin' KimCatch Me TroublemakersWon U KimJR Pub Black Hole1673
2020-02-056Hoyoul 'Kenshin' KimCatch Me TroublemakersJin Chul 'Junior' JungJR Pub Black Hole1688
2020-01-296Hoyoul 'Kenshin' KimCatch Me TroublemakersCarl LintonFat Alberts Scandal1702
2020-01-226Hoyoul 'Kenshin' KimCatch Me TroublemakersSue LeeJJ's The Pain1685
2020-01-154Hoyoul 'Kenshin' KimCatch Me TroublemakersNa Eun SunCatch Me Cats1670