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Summer/Fall 2020 Season
Scrooge Pub Invincibles'Alice'
Young Jin Jung
JR Pub Black Hole1824
2020-10-2112'Finch'Scrooge Pub InvinciblesYoung Jin JungJR Pub Black Hole1820
2020-10-216'Finch'Scrooge Pub Invincibles'Alice'JR Pub Black Hole1804
Woojae Kim
Scrooge Pub Invincibles'Han Joe'
Seungtaek 'Louis' Hong
JJ's The Pain1799
2020-09-237'Finch'Scrooge Pub Invincibles'JJ wake up'JJ's The Pain1795
2020-09-236'Finch'Scrooge Pub InvinciblesSeungtaek 'Louis' HongJJ's The Pain1780
Woojae Kim
Scrooge Pub Invincibles'The Artist Formally Known as CJ'
'Skippy the Kangaroo'
Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1772
2020-09-1610'Finch'Scrooge Pub Invincibles'The Artist Formally Known as CJ'Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1766
2020-09-164'Finch'Scrooge Pub InvinciblesDominic 'Vinegar Strokes' JohnsonShenanigans Boomtown Rats1788
Scrooge Pub InvinciblesAlzhrani 'Hani' Mohammed
Dolce Vita Money Shot1801
2020-08-059'Finch'Scrooge Pub InvinciblesMayank GoyalDolce Vita Money Shot1814
2020-08-055'Finch'Scrooge Pub Invincibles'Alice'Dolce Vita Money Shot1838
Ara Cho
Scrooge Pub InvinciblesLEE 'BLACK SWAN' joo young
'Blue Jay'
JJ's Angry Birds1833
2020-07-295'Finch'Scrooge Pub InvinciblesLEE 'BLACK SWAN' joo youngJJ's Angry Birds1825
Winter/Spring 2020 Season
Scrooge Pub InvinciblesWon kyo Lim
2020-02-197'Finch'Scrooge Pub InvinciblesWon kyo LimZion1848
2020-02-1211'Finch'Scrooge Pub Invincibles'JB'Catch Me Cats1842
2020-02-123'Finch'Scrooge Pub Invincibles'JB'Catch Me Cats1834
2020-02-0510'Finch'Scrooge Pub InvinciblesBrian 'The Exterminator' AndryShenanigans1826
2020-02-052'Finch'Scrooge Pub InvinciblesRonan SpillaneShenanigans1816