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Summer/Fall 2020 Season
2020-11-1113Gina Nam
Carl Linton
Fat Alberts Scandal'Eric'
Scrooge Pub Invincibles1678
2020-11-0413Gina Nam
Carl Linton
Fat Alberts Scandal'Jay'
Wonho 'Andy' Han
The Hidden Cellar Speakeasy1682
2020-11-049Gina NamFat Alberts ScandalJake PainsThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy1677
2020-10-2811Gina NamFat Alberts Scandal'SEO'King Pub Super Hustlers1701
2020-10-1415Gina Nam
John Lee
Fat Alberts ScandalJim Dewey
Lanka Dabo
Dolce Vita Sweet Life1681
2020-10-147Gina NamFat Alberts Scandal'Hoon'Dolce Vita Sweet Life1690
2020-10-0714Gina Nam
Carl Linton
Fat Alberts ScandalPark Sang Woon
Yi Young Jin
JJ's Angry Birds1679
2020-10-079Gina NamFat Alberts ScandalYi Young JinJJ's Angry Birds1685
2020-08-2614Gina Nam
Carl Linton
Fat Alberts ScandalAna 'Annie' Urbina
Jon 'Blindside' Bell
Scrooge Pub McDogs1696
2020-08-2612Gina NamFat Alberts ScandalAna 'Annie' UrbinaScrooge Pub McDogs1691
2020-08-265Gina NamFat Alberts ScandalSean 'Are you shitting me' StevensScrooge Pub McDogs1684
Winter/Spring 2020 Season
2020-05-0614Gina Nam
Carl Linton
Fat Alberts ScandalAna 'Annie' Urbina
Sung Hak Ji
Scrooge Pub McDogs1676
2020-02-1915Gina Nam
Carl Linton
Fat Alberts ScandalJun 'Jun' Heo
Dolce Vita Money Shot1671
2020-02-196Gina NamFat Alberts ScandalKevin 'Ceasar' ClarenceDolce Vita Money Shot1665
2020-01-2913Gina Nam
Scott Mansz
Fat Alberts ScandalMin 'cloud' Sung
Juil 'Capju' Yun
Catch Me Troublemakers1649
2020-01-299Gina NamFat Alberts ScandalChangMin 'CM' ChangMinCatch Me Troublemakers1653
2020-01-223Gina NamFat Alberts Scandal'Lim Dang Goo'King Pub Untouchables1640
2020-01-1513Gina Nam
Sergey Churkin
Fat Alberts ScandalOric Arong
Hahyun 'AstroGirl' Park
Bulldog Fireballs1646
2020-01-158Gina NamFat Alberts ScandalHahyun 'AstroGirl' ParkBulldog Fireballs1636