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Winter/Spring 2020 Season
Dolce Vita Money ShotYi Young Jin
Park Sang Woon
JJ's Angry Birds1487
Dolce Vita Money ShotMilo 'Goldmember' Ylstra
Darrell 'Quiz Master' Smith
Phillies Pheasants1492
2020-02-058'Dixie'Dolce Vita Money ShotJim 'Don't Time Me Out!' CuthbertsonPhillies Pheasants1499
2020-02-054'Dixie'Dolce Vita Money ShotAnna 'Marla' MeinigPhillies Pheasants1479
2020-01-1511'Dixie'Dolce Vita Money ShotMr ZainJR Pub Black Hole1465
2020-01-154'Dixie'Dolce Vita Money ShotJumie 'Esta' AhnJR Pub Black Hole1481