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Summer/Fall 2020 Season
2020-11-1114Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' Eustace
Ronan Spillane
ShenanigansJun 'Jun' Heo
Dolce Vita Money Shot1726
2020-11-114Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' EustaceShenanigans'Udi'Dolce Vita Money Shot1720
2020-10-2115Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' Eustace
Ronan Spillane
ShenanigansChris Kim
Bulma 'Where is Vegeta' Pian
King Pub Super Hustlers1711
2020-10-217Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' EustaceShenanigansWan Jin 'A-Flow' JeongKing Pub Super Hustlers1705
2020-10-214Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' EustaceShenanigansChris KimKing Pub Super Hustlers1724
2020-10-1414Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' Eustace
Ronan Spillane
ShenanigansPark Sang Woon
Yi Young Jin
JJ's Angry Birds1750
2020-10-1410Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' EustaceShenanigansPark Sang WoonJJ's Angry Birds1741
2020-10-0715Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' Eustace
ShenanigansCharlie West
Jimmy The Boy Wonder
Scrooge Pub McDogs1726
2020-10-0712Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' EustaceShenanigansCharlie WestScrooge Pub McDogs1718
2020-10-076Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' EustaceShenanigansJimmy The Boy WonderScrooge Pub McDogs1733
2020-09-2315Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' Eustace
Ronan Spillane
Lanka Dabo
Dolce Vita Sweet Life1754
2020-09-2312Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' EustaceShenanigans'Hoon'Dolce Vita Sweet Life1749
2020-09-236Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' EustaceShenanigansLanka DaboDolce Vita Sweet Life1742
2020-08-1914Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' Eustace
Jeff Vandeweerd
Shenanigans'Skippy the Kangaroo'
'The Artist Formally Known as CJ'
Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1766
2020-08-1912Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' EustaceShenanigans'The Artist Formally Known as CJ'Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1773
2020-08-196Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' EustaceShenanigansJames BeesleyShenanigans Boomtown Rats1796
2020-08-1214Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' Eustace
Jeff Vandeweerd
Shenanigans'Lim Dang Goo'
Young Jin Jung
JR Pub Black Hole1787
2020-08-129Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' EustaceShenanigans'Lim Dang Goo'JR Pub Black Hole1793
2020-08-121Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' EustaceShenanigansYoung Jin JungJR Pub Black Hole1770
2020-08-0513Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' Eustace
ShenanigansJin 'J' Lee
'JJ wake up'
JJ's The Pain1754
2020-08-058Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' EustaceShenanigans'MIB DG'JJ's The Pain1763
2020-08-056Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' EustaceShenanigans'JJ wake up'JJ's The Pain1744
Winter/Spring 2020 Season
2020-04-2214Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' Eustace
Ronan Spillane
ShenanigansMiyoung 'Half Pint' Kim
Jim 'Don't Time Me Out!' Cuthbertson
Phillies Pheasants1724
2020-04-2212Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' EustaceShenanigansDarrell 'Quiz Master' SmithPhillies Pheasants1720
2020-04-226Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' EustaceShenanigansMiyoung 'Half Pint' KimPhillies Pheasants1711


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