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Rating date: 2022-06-29  This league only

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NameTeamRatingSeason StartRating changed
1Francis 'The Prince' CorocotoKing Pub Super Hustlers20742083-9
2Woojae KimScrooge Pub Invincibles19882036-48
3'Tanar The Explorer'King Pub Super Hustlers1955191936
4'Eric'Scrooge Pub Invincibles1943189746
5'Lim Dang Goo'JR Pub Black Hole19241940-16
6Matt 'Hold my Wine' WestBulldog Super Strokers191119047
7Sera 'Sael' HwangScrooge Pub Invincibles1907186641
8Paul 'The Surgeon' RiddleBulldog Super Strokers1905188322
9Alex 'Lightning' HuBulldog Super Strokers1903186439
10Rickie BallShenanigans Boomtown Rats19001799101
11'YS'Scrooge Pub Invincibles18951983-88
12Joseph 'Sloppy Joe' SteinBulldog Super Strokers1894180787
13'The Punisher'Scrooge Pub Invincibles1876186610
14'Skippy the Kangaroo'Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1875180570
15Changbae 'Pegasus' SeoCatch Me Cats18741901-27
16Dominic 'Vinegar Strokes' JohnsonShenanigans Boomtown Rats186218611
17'SHASA'JJ's Angry Birds1857180651
18'Chang'Scrooge Pub Invincibles18521890-38
19Darryl 'The Closer' DawsonBulldog Super Strokers1851182823
20'Blue Jay'JJ's Angry Birds1846181828
21'Sampaguita★'JJ's Angry Birds18401732108
22Shahzad Sam SheerScrooge Pub Invincibles18311843-12
23'Finch'Scrooge Pub Invincibles18261852-26
24Dan SuhBulldog Super Strokers181418068
25Hee Joung LeeJJ's The Pain18131622191
26'Tadjong'King Pub Super Hustlers1811178724
27'Gwapo'Bulldog Super Strokers18101840-30
28Sun Ki 'Crow' MinDolce Vita Sweet Life18071854-47
29Chan Tae 'Master Timeout' LeeKing Pub Super Hustlers17911831-40
30'Han Joe'JJ's The Pain17891826-37
31Jin Woo JoCatch Me Cats1784177014
33Young Jin JungJR Pub Black Hole17821790-8
34Jeon In SooKing Pub Super Hustlers1779176415
35Lenny EricksonShenanigans Boomtown Rats1774168886
36Willy 'Not One But Two Balls' WatsonShenanigans17741778-4
37sung kyu 'AJ Kim' kimJR Pub Black Hole1764169470
38Mike 'mikepark' ParkCatch Me Cats17581797-39
39Chris HewisonShenanigans1757173225
40'Bruce'Scrooge Pub Invincibles17571764-7
41'Darna'King Pub Super Hustlers1751173912
42Jake YimJJ's Angry Birds17511762-11
43'Su Su'Scrooge Pub Invincibles17441750-6
44Kwak DonghyunBulldog Super Strokers17421620122
45woong jin 'Jacop' BangCatch Me Cats1739169841
47Johnny BlackFat Alberts Scandal17331632101
48Oric ArongScrooge Pub McDogs1728171810
49'Joe'Catch Me Cats1727171314
50Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' EustaceShenanigans172617242
51Yi Young JinJJ's Angry Birds17201744-24
52Shin Joon WooJJ's Angry Birds1714168529
53Jin Chul 'Junior' JungJR Pub Black Hole17121727-15
54Brian 'The Exterminator' AndryShenanigans1711167932
55Raza JaanJR Pub Black Hole1706164264
56'JJ wake up'JJ's The Pain17051814-109
57'Zulu'JJ's The Pain17041741-37
58'MIB DG'JJ's The Pain17031789-86
59Alzhrani 'Hani' MohammedDolce Vita Money Shot1701160596
60Won U KimJR Pub Black Hole17011725-24
61Park Sang WoonJJ's Angry Birds1700168119
62Kwon Jang-HoScrooge Pub McDogs17001721-21
63'SEO'King Pub Super Hustlers16971722-25
64Scott ManszFat Alberts Scandal16951568127
65David KimFat Alberts Scandal1695164451
66Charlie WestScrooge Pub McDogs1694160787
67Bekzod MamadalievBulldog Super Strokers16931822-129
68Carl LintonFat Alberts Scandal1690165535
69Son Kyung MinJJ's Angry Birds1683161469
70'The Artist Formally Known as CJ'Shenanigans Boomtown Rats1683163548
71Wan Jin 'A-Flow' JeongKing Pub Super Hustlers1682163745
72Nick 'Muammar Gaddafries' BruneauShenanigans1678158791
73Gina NamFat Alberts Scandal167816762
74'YJ'Dolce Vita Money Shot1677164037
75Mikey 'Inside Out' ChangPhillies Pheasants167616724
76Rob 'Robocop' SongDolce Vita Sweet Life16761721-45
77Jimmy The Boy WonderScrooge Pub McDogs1673160073
78Ben 'ond run' HoughShenanigans16731694-21
79Jun 'Jun' HeoDolce Vita Money Shot1670157991
80Ronan SpillaneShenanigans16681717-49
81LaRisa LoraScrooge Pub McDogs16641667-3
82Jon PantonPhillies Pheasants1660164218
83David 'Rollio WHO' ImScrooge Pub McDogs16601681-21
84Jeff VandeweerdShenanigans1656164214
85Zach PollockPhillies Pheasants1654160054
86Sang Wan 'DIVE' ParkJR Pub Black Hole1644163410
87Jun Hwe 'JUN' KimCatch Me Cats16441654-10
88Jong Hyun 'KJ' KimThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy1641158754
89Mike MaltoShenanigans Boomtown Rats1641161922
90'luna'Scrooge Pub Invincibles1640160040
91'5-Ji Soo'JJ's Angry Birds1635160035
92Rio 'Holdem' LeeScrooge Pub McDogs16351660-25
93Maki 'Maquila' DejamakDolce Vita Money Shot163416259
94'Tequila Jo'JJ's Angry Birds1631159140
95Kyengjun YanDolce Vita Money Shot1629160029
96Zahid MDolce Vita Money Shot1625160025
97Miyoung 'Half Pint' KimPhillies Pheasants1621157942
98Brendan HoweFat Alberts Scandal161816126
99Klau 'Phantom' YangJJ's The Pain16181627-9
100Ricky EliezerThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy1612160012
101Dave PipesFat Alberts Scandal16121612
102Sue LeeJJ's The Pain16111620-9
103Mirko PetrovichDolce Vita Sweet Life1610160010
104luna kimDolce Vita Money Shot160816008
105Mayank GoyalDolce Vita Money Shot15991600-1
106'YSJ'Catch Me Cats159815926
107Jon 'Blindside' BellScrooge Pub McDogs15981655-57
108Hyun 'Aka Eden' HoScrooge Pub McDogs15971600-3
109Rahim AltynbayThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy15971600-3
110Song Hee LeeThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy15971648-51
111Ara ChoScrooge Pub Invincibles15961600-4
112'Jay'The Hidden Cellar Speakeasy15951600-5
113joe joeDolce Vita Money Shot15931600-7
114Jae Ran 'Jenny' JungThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy15931612-19
115Don 'Donnie Two Times' VancourtFat Alberts Scandal159115901
116'Hoon'Dolce Vita Sweet Life1590150288
117Han Georl 'HG' YeomDolce Vita Sweet Life15891600-11
118'Nick'Scrooge Pub Invincibles15891600-11
119Lanka DaboDolce Vita Sweet Life15891600-11
120Jeff 'Gretzky' ValleyFat Alberts Scandal158815835
121Lele MarangoniThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy15881600-12
122Lon 'Am I stripes?' GarwoodScrooge Pub McDogs15871633-46
123Ahrum 'Ahri' ChoiDolce Vita Sweet Life15841641-57
124Eric BTScrooge Pub Invincibles15831600-17
125Hoyoul 'Kenshin' KimCatch Me Cats15821613-31
126Sol KangJJ's The Pain15811602-21
127David 'Dunny' DunnePhillies Pheasants15801600-20
128Andrew 'Bruiser' BrucePhillies Pheasants15791602-23
129Sheery '8 Ball' M. AshrafDolce Vita Money Shot15781618-40
130Tanat DuisebekThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy15771600-23
131'Sunki'Dolce Vita Money Shot15771644-67
132Na Eun SunCatch Me Cats15761617-41
133Darrell 'Quiz Master' SmithPhillies Pheasants1574155420
134Boyoung 'BIBI' ParkDolce Vita Sweet Life15711744-173
135Bulma 'Where is Vegeta' PianKing Pub Super Hustlers156815671
136Hye Dam JunKing Pub Super Hustlers1567155017
137Sung Hak JiScrooge Pub McDogs15661568-2
138Milo 'Goldmember' YlstraPhillies Pheasants15631642-79
139'Hi-C'JR Pub Black Hole15611600-39
140Jeff TrageserThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy15611640-79
141Bob YouruncleDolce Vita Sweet Life15601600-40
142Chris OPhillies Pheasants15591570-11
143Tasha 'Tasha' LovinsDolce Vita Money Shot15591600-41
144'Simon'Dolce Vita Sweet Life1555153025
145James BeesleyShenanigans Boomtown Rats15531586-33
146Reza CarrThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy1549152920
147Merdan AtayevThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy15471600-53
148Yeongjin 'Jake' YuKing Pub Super Hustlers15471600-53
149Seungtaek 'Louis' HongJJ's The Pain15441560-16
150Richard HirstJJ's Angry Birds15411555-14
151John LeeFat Alberts Scandal15391567-28
152Fenny IndrawatiDolce Vita Sweet Life1536151125
153Mr ZainJR Pub Black Hole1535147758
154Vanessa JJ'sJJ's The Pain1534152410
155'Udi'Dolce Vita Money Shot15341558-24
156Jake PainsThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy15331600-67
157Danny AdekanbiThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy15321600-68
158Hana KimDolce Vita Money Shot1528147652
159Jin 'J' LeeJJ's The Pain15271578-51
160Sung Jun HwangboJJ's The Pain15221600-78
161Dan MeadorsThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy15191541-22
162LEE 'BLACK SWAN' joo youngJJ's Angry Birds15171572-55
163Alim AlimThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy15171600-83
164Hasnain AwanScrooge Pub Invincibles15141520-6
165Tony MmtFat Alberts Scandal15041525-21
166Chris KimKing Pub Super Hustlers15021558-56
167'April'The Hidden Cellar Speakeasy14971543-46
168Wonho 'Andy' HanThe Hidden Cellar Speakeasy1494146628
169Merve Deniz 'DNZ' ComertScrooge Pub McDogs14931497-4
170Jim DeweyDolce Vita Sweet Life14911528-37
171Jim 'Don't Time Me Out!' CuthbertsonPhillies Pheasants1486147511
172Sean 'Are you shitting me' StevensScrooge Pub McDogs14821492-10
173Sergey ChurkinFat Alberts Scandal14791511-32
174'Alice'JR Pub Black Hole14771557-80
175Ana 'Annie' UrbinaScrooge Pub McDogs14461500-54
176Doug WilliamsFat Alberts Scandal14091414-5
177Anna 'Marla' MeinigPhillies Pheasants13841384
178Sungmin BahnPhillies Pheasants1380136020


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