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Team CaptainYoung Jin 'KD' Yi
Team's home venueJJ's
Venue locationAt the bottom of the hill, across from the convenience store
SeasonWinter/Spring 2020
Also known asFat Alberts Pink Panthers, Dolce Vita Pink Panthers, Dolce Vita Angry Birds, Scrooge Pub Angry Birds, King Pub Komodo Dragons
Players1RatingSingles playedDoubles playedWeeks played
'Blue Jay' KR18181578
'SHASA' CN18061266
Young Jin 'KD' Yi KR17441688
Shin Joon Woo KR16851347
Park Sang Woon KR16811588
Lee Eun Ah KR1615433
Son Kyung Min KR16141277
'Hyun' KR1593412
Bulma 'Where is Vegeta' Pian CN1567544
Winning streaksStart dateStreakStart game
Current match winning streak2023-09-271-
Best match winning streak2016-02-0312-
Current game winning streak2023-09-27115
Best game winning streak2016-11-092815
Note1: team members who have played at least one game for the team during this season are listed here


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