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Team CaptainHoyoul 'Kenshin' Kim
Team's home venueCatch Me
Venue locationFrom Hamilton, pass Geckos then turn right into the small alley downwards a few steps. B1, below Wolfhound.
SeasonWinter/Spring 2020
Also known asManhattan Velvet Fingerz, JR Pub Velvet Fingerz, Bull and Barrel Frozen Finger, Bulldog Miss. Q, Bulldog Runners, Scrooge Pub Runners, Scrooge Pub Marvelous, King Pub Marvelous, The Hidden Cellar Troublemakers
Players1RatingSingles playedDoubles playedWeeks played
Juil 'Capju' Yun KR1867111
Mike 'mikepark' Park KR1797855
Min 'cloud' Sung KR1735423
Ji Ae 'Nonno' Choi KR1729955
Victoria Moon KR17161377
'Felix Zhang' CN1636844
JungHee 'HAMI' Ham KR1630101
Sang Joon 'Turtle' Lee KR1626211
momo 'Momo' Kim KR1623422
'Ali' 1621211
Hoyoul 'Kenshin' Kim KR1613936
YoungWoo 'Happy_Young' Seo KR1600825
Dong hang 'Ajum' Park KR1597422
ChangMin 'CM' ChangMin KR1592433
juyoung 'juy' choi KR1583323
Winning streaksStart dateStreakStart game
Current match winning streak0-
Best match winning streak2016-09-079-
Current game winning streak0-
Best game winning streak2011-09-281714
Note1: team members who have played at least one game for the team during this season are listed here