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Team CaptainScott Mansz
Team's home venueFat Alberts
Venue locationIn the alley behind the Hamilton Hotel, on your right as you head west (towards Yongsan Army base).
SeasonWinter/Spring 2020
Also known asAlkies go to Hollywood, Hollywood Scandal
Players1RatingSingles playedDoubles playedWeeks played
Gina Nam KR1676445
Carl Linton JM16551188
David Kim US1644101
Johnny Black KR16321267
Brendan Howe EN1612967
Dave Pipes EN16121146
Don 'Donnie Two Times' Vancourt US15901046
Jeff 'Gretzky' Valley CA1583604
Scott Mansz CA15681158
John Lee KR1567312
Tony Mmt IR1525312
Sergey Churkin RU1511624
Doug Williams CA1414977
Winning streaksStart dateStreakStart game
Current match winning streak0-
Best match winning streak2012-05-304-
Current game winning streak2020-11-11115
Best game winning streak2019-05-01114
Note1: team members who have played at least one game for the team during this season are listed here