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Team CaptainWilly 'Not One But Two Balls' Watson
Team's home venueShenanigans
Venue locationFormerly Bless U. Off the main drag behind Dolce Vita, on the second floor.
Players1RatingSingles playedDoubles playedWeeks played
Willy 'Not One But Two Balls' Watson IE1774211
'Raveon' EN1769955
'Macca' EN17681266
Barry 'Rotarie de la Derriere' Eustace IE17501166
Chris Hewison EN1745623
Ben 'ond run' Hough EN17241156
Ronan Spillane IE16671277
Nick 'Muammar Gaddafries' Bruneau US1658945
Jeff Vandeweerd CA16391045
Winning streaksStart dateStreakStart game
Current match winning streak0-
Best match winning streak2018-03-216-
Current game winning streak0-
Best game winning streak2015-09-30135
Note1: team members who have played at least one game for the team during this season are listed here