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Team CaptainWoojae Kim
Team's home venueScrooge Pub
Venue locationOn the main drag in the building next to Dolce Vita. Entrance is by ABC Mart.
Players1RatingSingles playedDoubles playedWeeks played
Woojae Kim KR1979935
'YS' KR1926412
'Chang' KR1869533
Sera 'Sael' Hwang KR1864422
'The Punisher' US1849744
Shahzad Sam Sheer PK1812633
'Finch' KR1799744
Ara Cho KR1613211
'luna' KR1600211
Hasnain Awan PK1521412
Winning streaksStart dateStreakStart game
Current match winning streak0-
Best match winning streak2019-05-088-
Current game winning streak0-
Best game winning streak2020-01-221413
Note1: team members who have played at least one game for the team during this season are listed here