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This coming Saturday sees another extravaganza of pool for you lucky people. It's our Mid-Season Doubles Money Tournament.


Venues: JJ's and King Pub

Sign Ups: From 3-3:45pm in JJ's

Entry Fee: 10,000won for any player who has played 1 week of the season...yes, I did say 1 week!

Higher ranked players will be randomly paired with a lower ranked player.


Pay Outs:

240,000won (plus trophies) for 1st Place

180,000won for 2nd Place

120,000won for 3rd Place

80,000won for 4th Place


A big thank you to all those who helped out with the Mid-Season Singles tournament and/or attended the captains' meeting on Sunday.


From the captains' meeting the big changes you should be aware of are the fact we will revert back to the traditional playoff system of 1 vs 8. 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5. That now means playoffs will begin on Wednesday, June 5th.

Teams can return to regular doubles but only if both captains agree.

Mid-Season tournament entry requirements for players changed to 1 week rather than 3...see above!

Promotion and relegation issues will be determined at the organisational meeting by the executive committee along with an independent captain representing each division. A big thank you to Paul, Francis and Scott for agreeing to help us.

A proposal to move to a Songtan League style format was postponed till the organisational meeting in July.


Scrooge Tournaments


From this coming Tuesday, Scrooge Pub will be putting on a weekly pool tournament. Sign ups are from 6pm and play should commence by 7:30pm. It's 10,000won entry. The style of tournament will be determined by the number of participants and there will be spot prizes to be won on the night.