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Sad news for the Itaewon Pool League and the Itaewon community as a whole. Last week, one of the pioneers and true legends of the Itaewon Pool League, Il Sung Woo, passed away. You may not recognize him by that name, as he was more commonly known simply as "Mr. Woo".


Some of you might be wondering who Mr. Woo was. He was the owner of the Woodstock Bar in Itaewon. He was one of the original pool league members back in 2000. He had been out of the league since 2015, but he was a pool league legend. A diminutive little hippie Korean, I would guess in his sixties, but hard living on his part made it difficult to be sure of his age. He was definitely one of the most skilled players ever to play in our league. Scary good. He had Woodoo! He is ranked 9th in the Itaewon Pool League Top 100 of all time with a high rating of 2048. And he was truly that good. He could work a table like an obstacle course. I personally have never seen anyone better at navigating a difficult table. You would have had to have seen him play to understand what I am talking about. If anyone calls me a liar in this regard, that person is a liar.


But more than anything, Mr. Woo was a good person. Eccentric, but good. I can honestly tell you that I don't remember going into Woodstock even once without having him call my name "Ooh, Lenny!!" in his high-pitched voice. This was always followed by a hug and at least one free shot of whisky. The bar was a dive, but no one cared because Mr. Woo was a gem. 


Mr. Woo was much-loved by those who knew him. He was instrumental in establishing and building the Itaewon Pool League, and the live music community has much to thank him for, as well. He was a giver, and a lover of life. I am sad that he is gone, and I am sad for the people who knew and loved him. Even more so, however, I am sad for the people who never had a chance to meet him. Their lives would have been greatly enriched if they had.

Rest in peace, Mr. Woo. We love you and thank you.


Lenny Erickson