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The IPL committee has decided, in the wake of the abandoned match between Catch Me Cats and Dolce Vita Money Shot, to disqualify both teams from this season’s playoffs. Both teams displayed little or no respect, friendship or hospitality to each other. By all accounts the behavior of some individuals (on both sides) and the language used was simply unacceptable. We are sorry to have been forced into this decision, but we believe the behavior on display from both teams falls well short of what is expected in the league. Our league was founded on the principal of sportsmanship and camaraderie, which was sadly lacking on Sunday.


We hope, in making this decision, that the IPL committee upholds the values of good sportsmanship. We would like to invite Catch Me Cats and Dolce Vita Money Shot to continue to be a part of the league and to come to the banquet on December 13th with an amiable, welcoming and conciliatory manner.


As a result of this decision, the IPL committee has decided to award the C Championship to JR Pub Black Hole with Fat Albert’s Scandal being awarded 3rd Place. The will be no 2nd Place team this season. Many congratulations to both teams on a fine season.