The season is over, and so are the playoffs.


First, congratulations are in order to the teams who came out on top in the playoffs.


Division C:

1st place - JR Pub Black Hole

2nd place - None this season

3rd place - Fat Alberts Scandal


Division B:

1st place - Bulldog Fireballs

2nd Place - JJ's The Pain

3rd place - King Pub Super Hustlers


Division A:

1st place - King Pub Untouchables

2nd place - Bulldog Super Strokers

3rd place - Scrooge Pub Abusement Park


The banquet will be held on Friday, December 13th at the Crown Hotel. It will start at 7:00 pm and finish at 10:00 pm.

It is free to any league member who has played at least 3 matches this season. 

League members with less than 3 matches will need to pay 15,000 won.

All other guests will need to pay 30,000 won.


As with all Itaewon Pool League banquets, there will be a full buffet, an open bar (with beer and hard liquor), individual and team awards, and a 50/50 raffle with a lot of excellent prizes available. It will also be a chance to celebrate the league, your teams, friendships and friendly rivalries. And, as usual, it will be a great chance to laugh at ourselves and at one another.


See you there!

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