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Thanks to Darryl Dawson (for arranging the translation) and Bernard (for uploading it onto the website), there is now a Korean version of the IPL rules available on the website under the "Rules" menu. In order to access this file, you will need to have the site set to Korean language. Hopefully, this will make it easier for our Korean speaking members.

The season is over, and what a season it turned out to be.

First, congratulations are in order to the teams who came out on top in the playoffs.

Division C:

1st place - Fat Alberts Scandal

2nd place - Dolce Vita Money Shot

3rd place - Wolfhound Howlers

Division B:

1st place - JJ's The Pain

2nd Place - Bulldog Fireballs

3rd place - Dolce Vita Sweet Life

Division A:

1st place - JR Pub Team Pogi

2nd place - Catch Me If You Can

3rd place - Bulldog Super Strokers

The banquet will be held on Saturday, December 15th at the Crown Hotel. It will start at 7:00 pm and finish at 10:00 pm.

It is free to any league member who has played at least 3 matches this season. 

League members with less than 3 matches will need to pay 15,000 won.

All other guests will need to pay 30,000 won.

As with all Itaewon Pool League banquets, there will be a full buffet, an open bar (with beer and hard liquor), individual and team awards, and a 50/50 raffle with a lot of excellent prizes available. It will also be a chance to celebrate the league, your teams, friendships and friendly rivalries. And, as usual, it will be a great chance to laugh at ourselves and at one another.

See you there!

Ladies and gentlemen of the IPL,

Unfortunately, the JR Pub Solid team has dropped out of the league.


This is a bit of an inconvenience for all, but it has happened. This means that some teams will have 3 BYEs this season. 


Any future games scheduled against the JR Pub Solid team will now be considered a BYE. The team that has the BYE will get points equal to their average score throughout the season, with a minimum of 8 points, along with the match win point.

Please check your upcoming schedule to see if it affects your team.


It sucks, I know, but we must soldier on!



The playoffs will begin this coming Sunday, November 25th.

Matches begin at 4:00 pm, unless otherwise agreed upon by the two captains. Home team captains, please make sure that the table is available for the visiting team from 3:30 - 4:00 pm.

Remember that you must play all games in the order that they are written on the scoresheet. You cannot skip games, and doubles must be played at the end of the match. It is a race to 8, so the first team to score 8 points, wins.

Make sure that you only use eligible players (at least 5 separate matches this season. You can check by clicking on Statistics and then Qualifiers). If an ineligible player is on the scoresheet after the opposing captain has already entered their players, and it is noticed during the match, you cannot change it, and the individual game will be a forfeit. If it is not noticed until after the match, the match will be forfeited. Let's not have this happen!

As you may be aware, we are using a rather fancy Australian-style playoff format. It is basically as follows:

4th vs 1st and 3rd vs 2nd - winners of these matches have a bye in the second round and go directly to the semi-final round, losers play the second round against the winner of the matches below.

8th vs 5th and 7th vs 6th - winners move on to play the losers of the matches above, and the losers pack up their sticks and wait to get hammered at the banquet.

From the 2nd round on, single-elimination.

Please note that if a 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th place team forfeits in the first round, they are out of the playoffs (as voted on at the captains' meeting).

All captains are aware of their first week playoff matches, and the unfortunate scheduling conflicts. If you have any questions about the upcoming playoff schedule, talk to your captain.

Here are the first playoff pairings:

Division A

Shenanigans Boomtown Rats at JR Pub Team Pogi

Catch Me If You Can - Bye

Scrooge Pub Wonky Triangles at King Pub Seoul

Scrooge Pub Angry Birds at Bulldog Super Strokers

Division B

JJ's The Pain at Dolce Vita Sweet Life

JR Pub Black Hole at The Hidden Cellar Troublemakers

JJ's Jumping Jacks at Bulldog Fireballs

Wolfhound Vagabonds at Shenanigans Rat Chow

Division C

Fat Alberts Scandal at Dolce Vita Money Shot

Phillies Pheasants at Catch Me Cats

The Hidden Cellar Cue Tips at King Pub Jackpot

Wolfhound Howlers at Phillies Frigates

This information is available by clicking Playoffs on the main menu. You can also download a bracket by clicking the Information link, Downloads, Playoff Brackets, New Playoff Scheme 8 Teams.

Good luck to everyone!