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il y a 1 an 1 mois #1231 par Jim Dewey
Divisions a été créé par Jim Dewey
Just some background of the division setups in the past. The 4 division setup (prior to the present skill based divisions) wer for the purpose of having regular season division champions (more than 1). There was a point of view expressed early in the league that people felt it important to have more than 1 team have an opportunity to receive recognition for the regular season. Thus, multiple divisions were utilized. Don't know if there is still a similar thought among the membership. Changing from the old division setup to the skill based setup did not significantly alter this distribution of recognition.
One reason for going to the skill based division setup was based on the thought by some that teams would play more teams with similar level of players giving fewer lopsided match results.
Any change that will keep and get more teams and people in the league is good.

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